How many Iyashi EMF Protection Stones do you need?

How many Iyashi EMF Protection stones you need depends upon 2 factors:

  • How many EMFs are in your environment (i.e. are you near a cell phone tower, wifi and smart meters in your home and your neighbors) .
  • Your personal sensitivity to EMFs.

The greater the EMFs in your environment or the more sensitive you are, the more Iyashi EMF Protection stones you need or the smaller pieces need to be grounded/discharged more frequently.

We have found that with the exponential rise in the EMFs that people need more Iyashi EMF Protection stones today than they did 8 years ago for protection. Since we do not know the levels of EMFs in your environment we cannot give you exact values of how much you need but here are some general guidelines.

The higher the level of EMFs the more frequently you need to ground  or discharge the Iyashi EMF Protection stones.

The best results come from using the larger pieces and keeping them grounded all the time.  If you keep the Iyashi EMF Protection stones grounded in your home or office with the grounding cord you can increase their effectiveness and range of protection up to 75%.

  1. Pendant:  For personal protection when moving around the pendent is the easiest to use. This will protect your personal /energetic space.  This needs to be grounded daily.
  2. Cell Phone:  The Iyashi Cell Phone EMF Protectors will dramatically reduce the negative EMFs while talking on the phone. The Iyashi Cell Phone EMF Protectors permanently sticks on your phone case and must be grounded every day. If the person spends a lot of time on the phone you may want an additional Iyashi Cell Phone EMF Protector on your phone or add a pendent.
  3. Medium pieces:  Stones, smaller cubes and pyramids – These are good for offices, bedrooms etc.. Works better if kept grounded with grounding cord.  You can move this more Iyashi EMF Protection stones from room to room as needed. For example keep it in your office and move to the bedroom at night.
  4. Larger pieces: Large pyramid, cube or brick – This offers maximum protection for the entire room and everyone in it including pets.  Again, by keeping it grounded with the grounding cord you are enhancing its effectiveness and range by 75%.  This can also be moved to the rooms as needed.  The larger pieces of Shieldite are the most effective for high EMF environments.


The large 8cm x 8cm pyramid has 8 times the weight and volume of the smaller 4cm x 4 cm pyramid, hence more powerful. Likewise the brick is the equivalency of two large cubes.

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