How to Clean / Cleanse Crystals

Cleansing crystals is very important as they pick up your energy and surrounding energy overtime. This energy can be negative or just old stagnant energy. Either way it is important to clear this energy to improve its performance making it feel new again. Below are various methods you can use to cleanse your crystals.

Quick Cleanse Method

Hold your crystal under running water from your kitchen sink for up to 30 seconds. This physically cleans them and strips any loose stagnant energy. (This is just a quick cleanse method, you should still follow some of the other cleansing methods)
cleanse crystal with tap water

Full Cleansing Process

  1. Get a bowl made of wood, crystal, ceramic, copper, silver or any natural material ( do not use artificial man made material like plastic ). Put the crystal in the bowl and add water until the crystal is submerged. You can additionally add sea salt to improve the cleansing effects. Do not add sea salt with malachite or howlite as both these crystals are very soft and the sea salt can wear away the surface.
  2. Put the bowl, with the crystal and water still inside it, outside in a safe place where it can get some sun. Leave the bowl outside for 24 hours or longer.
  3. After take the crystal inside, rinse it off using the Quick Cleanse method and then dry off the crystal.
how to cleanse crystals

Alternative cleansing methods

1. Earthing or Grounding – You can discharge negative energy from your crystal by either earthing or grounding it. This is the same method when grounding Shieldite so for the full details please read about earthing or grounding guide under our Shieldite section and use one of those methods. Earthing or grounding is a good method to use when the crystal has been around a lot of negative energy. It is recommended to at least use this method for 24 hours but some recommend keeping it grounded for up to 2 weeks if it has been around a lot of negative energy. You should follow the normal full cleansing process after using this method.
how to cleanse crystals
2. Ocean Water – Use the same method as the quick cleansing method but in the ocean. You can leave the stone for longer if you wish.
3. Sun – Leave the crystal out in the sun for the day. Just be aware that this can fade the color of some crystals. how to cleanse crystals
4. Smudging – This technique was used by the Native Americans and involves using the smoke of sacred herbs to cleanse and purify the crystal. Sage, sweet grass and copal are the 3 most common herbs used for smudging. Simply burn one of these herbs or incense sticks and hold the crystal in the smoke created in this smoke for around 30 seconds.


How often should I cleanse my crystal pendant?

You should use the full cleanse method at least every 6 months. You can never cleanse a crystal too much so feel free to use any of the methods as often as you like.

Should I Cleanse my crystal pendant when I first receive it?

Yes you should perform the quick cleanse method when you first receive your pendant before using it.