Grounding / Earthing Sheets

Healthy Wave™ Grounding & EMF Protection

HealthyWave combines the best parts of grounding & shielding in one product which can be used as a mat, blanket or sheet. Our material is made of 11% silver, the highest silver composition that you will find on the market providing you improved grounding in combination with the ability to shield from virtually any type of EMF. This includes blocking all EMF’s, Wifi, Cell Phones, 5G and more.

Virtually all other earthing or grounding sheets on the market have 1-2% silver composition which provides moderate grounding but zero shielding ability. HealthyWave has taken this to the next level with 11% silver to provide a strong grounding connecting and also make our sheet work like a faraday cage blocking any type of EMF.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Regular - 42.5"x70"
  • Large - 70"x85"
  • X-large - 85"x108"
earthing and emf protection symbols earthing and emf protection symbols

Healthy Wave “Environmental Medicine” - A synergistic approach:

Harmful EMF’s and why you want to “Shield”

Artificial electromagnetic fields are produced by every electronic device. Cell phones and other communication signals are very high frequency and powerful signals and are more damaging to our human cells. Regular home electrical devices operate at 50-60 hertz (low frequencies) and the EMF’s from such frequencies can be damaging especially around high voltage power lines.

Our normal human cell operation and resonance with the natural earth’s magnetic fields are disrupted by these unnatural EMF’s and the cells degenerate and malfunction. The cellular trans-membrane potential drops and the natural cellular magnetic field is disrupted.

When the body is exposed to EMFs the magnetic field of the body cellular structure is disrupted causing our cells to function incorrectly.


Earthing/Grounding—Get in Touch with the Natural Earth and get in Balance

Humans are bioelectric beings and the earth is also naturally electrical. Human cells emit a multitude of electrical frequencies that operate your various body functions such as Heart, nervous system, muscles etc. In nature humans were connected to Earth and the earth can supply a limitless and continuous supply of beneficial electrons. Now in the industrialized societies people wear shoes that insulate you from the earths energy and as well people sleep in beds which also insulate you from the earth. Scientific research has shown that when humans are “disconnected” from earth and the natural earths electrical energy a multitude of health problems arise. Using the Healthy Wave electrical shielding and grounding mats/blankets connects you with the earth’s energy and helps reverse the health issues that are created by being disconnected.

(Click Here to see the comprehensive study and explanation) “Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons”

Low Frequency EMF Shielding and the “Umbrella Effect of Earthing/Grounding to Earth:

When people wear shoes or you are sleeping in a bed that insulates you from earth then an unnatural electrical body potential is created and the body is electrically “Unbalanced”. But when your body is reconnected with the Healthy Wave blanket/mat then the body restores the natural electrical energy balance with the earth, and creates the “Umbrella effect”.

Scientific research has show that the “Umbrella effect mitigates low frequency effects of 60Hz EMFs “ The study showed that when the body is grounded, its electrical potential becomes equalized with the Earth’s electrical potential through a transfer of electrons from the Earth to the body. This, in turn, prevents the 60 Hz mode from producing an AC electric potential at the surface of the body and from producing perturbations of the electric charges of the molecules inside the body. The study confirms the “umbrella” effect of earthing the body explained by Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman in his lectures on electromagnetism“.

earthing and grounding umbrella effect

Additional Study References

(Click Here to see) “The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases”

(Click Here to see) “Earthing (Grounding) the Human Body Reduces Blood Viscosity—a Major Factor in Cardiovascular Disease”

Summary for the Healthy Wave “Environmental Medicine” - A synergistic approach:

  • Provide Shielding against the high frequency, unnatural, harmful EMF’s
  • Connect the body with the natural earth’s beneficial electrical energy and restore balance and health benefits
  • Simultaneously mitigate the effects of low frequency unnatural EMFs created by the 60/50 Hertz frequency, electrical power systems with the “Umbrella Effect”

Healthy Wave™ Shielding and Grounding Blanket and Mat Application and Use Guide:

Many applications are possible such as:

  • Use on a bed for top sheet and/or bottom sheet
  • Wrap the sheet around your body when sitting and in an emf environment such as watching TV
  • Wrap the sheet around a baby
  • Place the sheet on your lap when using a laptop computer directly on your lap
  • Hang the sheet on a wall to block EMF’s from sources such as smart meters or other wireless devices which are being emitted from this direction

Use with Far Infrared, PEMF and other therapy mats:

When using Far Infrared Heating mats you can place the Grounding/shielding blanket on top of yourself. When the blanket makes contact with your skin then you will get the additional benefits of the grounding/earthing effects.

Do not place the grounding/shielding blankets/mat directly on the surface of a hot Far Infrared Heating mat as this would damage the fabric.

If you are using a PEMF mat then do not use the shielding/grounding blanket/mat since if you ground yourself you would also reduce the PEMF effect on your body.

Bed Applications:

bed applications diagram
  • Only the Healthy Wave Mat can be placed on the bottom, directly on the bed surface or optionally a regular fitted sheet can also be placed over the Healthy Wave Mat (will keep the Healthy Wave Mat cleaner)
  • Only the Healthy Wave Blanket can be placed directly over you when in bed or optionally place a regular flat sheet over you first and then the Healthy Wave Blanket (will keep the Healthy Wave Blanket cleaner)

  • The Healthy Wave Blankets/Mats come with a grounding cord which will provide full body earthing and emf shielding or optionally use the Healthy Wave Blanket/Mat without the grounding cord plugged in for EMF Shielding applications.
  • The ground cord provided simply snaps onto the connector on the mat. The ground cord grounding pin is directly plugged into the round grounding hole on the standard North American home wall receptacle.
grounding cord on mat connection

Bed Blanket/Mat Sizing considerations:

Queen Size Bed:
  • 85”x108” size is placed on the bottom.
Queen Bed with bottom sheet
Queen Size Bed:
  • 85”x70” is used for the top
Queen Bed with top and bottom sheet
Queen Size Bed:
  • 42.5” x 70” blanket is placed on top of a Queen sized bed to show the relative size on the bed
queen bed with regular blanket shown on top

Double Bed suggestion:

  • 85” x 70” size for Top and Bottom

King Bed suggestion:

  • 85” x 108” size for Top and Bottom

Single Bed suggestion:

  • 42.5” x 70” or 85” x 70” for bottom
  • 42.4” x 70” for Top

  • Baby wrapped in a 42.5”x70” blanket
baby wrapped in a blanket
  • 42.5”x70” size is folded and placed on the lap when using a laptop computer directly on the lap.
blanket on lap for laptop shielding

How to Wash and Care for the Healthy Wave™ Grounding/Shielding Blankets/Mats:

Silver fiber fabric is made of the metal silver which is a precious metal. Generally expensive fabric, such as the Grounding/Shielding Blankets/Mat are not recommended to be machine washed and recommended to be hand-washed. The washing machine is too strong under normal washing cycles and would cause the fabric composition to wear out quickly.

Try to use the Blankets/Mats in a way to minimize the requirement for washing.

The washing instructions are:

  • DO NOT dry clean
  • It is best to hand wash, with gentle rub wash, and wring to dry. If you do want to machine wash this must be done on the most gentle cycle and short time.
  • Wash in low temperature water, less than 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees F)
  • Use pH neutral detergent or non phosphorus pH neutral detergent. You may also use “Silver fiber dedicated” cleaning solution
  • DO NOT use bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Do not use a brush to wash the fabric as this may also damage the fabric
  • Rinse in pH neutral water. Do not use acidic or alkaline water.
  • Do not hang the fabric out to dry in the sun. Just hang it in a well ventilated place. If you must machine tumble dry, then do it at the lowest temperature.
  • Try to avoid ironing the fabric but if you do iron then make sure you choose the lowest temperature to do this. Do not steam iron.
  • It is best to first wash a small corner of the fabric to test out how your detergent and water affects the fabric
  • Do not wash with poor quality water especially water containing sulphur, high fluoride and low pH.

Storage of Blankets and Mats:

When the Blanket/Mat is not in use for a long period of time:

  • Please keep the item in the original protection plastic bag provided
  • Store in a temperature of less than 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees F)
  • Store with humidity of 65% or lower