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What is Zero Point Energy?

Zero point energy is the lowest possibly energy in a quantum mechanical system. This is a complicated subject to understand as it deals highly with quantum physicals but in layman’s terms it is simply the energy of something that remains once all other external energy is removed. This is on the basic molecular level and is the vibration of the atoms themselves as even after removing all external energy sources they will continue to vibrate creating what is referred to “zero point energy”.

Zero point energy is not an identical energy that everything eventually reaches. Different molecules have different set zero point energies. This means the “zero point energy” produced by one item may be higher or lower than a different item.

An example of this is how helium will remain a liquid even when its temperate is brought to absolute zero. The zero point energy produced by this element is enough to always keep the atom and molecules moving under this situation. In comparison water will freeze as it has a lower zero point energy.


How does it relate to energetic healing?

Zero Point Energy plays a big part in energetic healing and vibrational frequencies, often referred to as zero point field energy healing. Crystals for example each have a vibrational resonance, a specific frequency the molecules vibrate at on an atomic level. This vibration of the crystal will remain even if we take all external energy sources away. This is the crystals zero point energy state.  As we know many of these vibrational frequencies can benefit the body through raising the body’s vibrations back to a health state if they have fallen.

Everything has a zero point energy state, most of these zpe states are far too low the produce any significant energy or just incompatible with our bodies. If we do have the right zero point energy able to produce beneficial frequencies we can harness it and benefit our health. This vibrational energy produced travels through scalar waves and is essentially a form of scalar energy. There is no real difference between zero point energy and scalar energy other than the context we are referring to as both fall under the same quantum field theory. The energy produce by zero point energy is still scalar in nature. 

Through BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) we are able to imprint certain vibrational frequencies into items like our Iyashi Pendants, Bracelets, and Wands etc. This energy imprinted becomes the zero point energy or scalar energy of the item. These items imprinted with this energy will continually output it without any external energy sources.

Zero Point Energy and Scalar Energy Waves are just the energy delivery system for the specific vibrational energy aka energy frequency being transmitted. Not all types of zero point or scalar energy are beneficial and different kinds have different effects on the body. This is why with BFIT we incorporate a full spectrum of over 18000+ beneficial healing frequencies to bring your body back into complete energetic alignment.

While there are many methods of transmitting energy to the human body such as through light, food, water, air; using zero point energy and scalar energy waves gives us an infinite and passive delivery system we can always benefit from.