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What is Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT)?

Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology ( BFIT ) is the proprietary infusion technology that is used on all our Iyashi Source products. It is the method behind our Full Spectrum infusion which is able to imprint our products with thousands of specific beneficial subtle energy patterns.

You are probably asking yourself what are subtle energy patterns?  Subtle energy patterns are the specific “frequencies” or “vibrations” of the atoms that our physical world is made out of. Everything from inanimate object to humans and other animals have vibrational frequencies. Traditionally crystals have been used in help raise our vibrational frequency as they naturally have a very high vibration.

Our bodies are made of thousands of different vibrational frequencies each organ and cell group having its own vibrational frequency. For example your liver resonates at a different frequency then your heart. What happens is when we are sick or in pain your vibrational frequency will lower. When we reintroduce the correct frequencies to the body they are able to raise them to their correct level and the body is able to fully heal itself.


How does BFIT work?

Before we start our infusion we must first identify the different vibrational frequencies of the parts of the body. In our research we discovered these can generally be broken into 8 different categories that correspond to the traditional chakra system.

  1. We then capture and store these frequencies in preparation for our Infusion. In our research and development our “full spectrum” infusion came to consist of over 18000 different frequencies. This is the amount needed to be able to fully cover all aspects of the body rather than just small areas.


  1. We primarily use our Iyashi Ceramics as the material for our infusion as it is able to hold this large range of frequencies. Before the Infusion process is started we first neutralize the material to insure it is not carrying any unwanted frequencies. (While using the correct frequencies can bring our energetic field into alignment using the incorrect ones can bring it out of alignment)
  1. We then put the products in our infusion chamber which emits a very strong signal containing our full spectrum infusion. This is amplified to a level several thousand times stronger than a crystal would naturally produce. By doing this it permanently changes the vibrational frequency of the Iyashi Ceramics allowing them to naturally resonate at the new full spectrum frequency. The infusion is so strong it takes less than 24 hours to complete. To ensure the infusion is uniform and each product receives a full infusion we perform small batch infusions.


Vibrascan 1100 Testing & Authentication

The VibraScan 1100 is a device that can measure subtle energy. It can be used to test the overall vibrational frequency of objects, food, people etc. We use it to test our products as a method to double check and insure the infusion process was done correctly.

Once checked each product has been tested we add a serial numbered authenticity card and the matching serial number is etched onto specific products. The authenticity card is also a scalar energy card as it has a thin layer of iyashi ceramic powder in it. This allows it to act as its own healing device as it has a powerful negative ionic output.


What is a “Full Spectrum” Infusion?

Full Spectrum infusion was developed initially for our Iyashi Wand but is now used with all our Iyashi products due to its effectiveness and versatility. Our Full Spectrum infusion consists of over 18000 different vibration frequencies, we need to use such a large range of frequencies to bring every area of the body’s energetic field back into complete alignment.

Traditionally different crystals, herbs, oils and other remedies have been used to realign specific energetic fields in the body, each having its own specific use. Full Spectrum infusion combines all these different healing properties providing you an all in one solution.

The type of Full Spectrum infusion we perform on our products is only possible through using our powerful Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology due to the large number of frequencies involved.