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What are Iyashi Ceramics?

Many thousands of years ago the Japanese discovered the art of creating life-giving ceramics out of various semi-precious minerals. These ceramics were originally used in their koi ponds to keep their fish healthy giving the fish longer lasting lives. This is the type of material Iyashi products are based on which have been refined into the final Iyashi Ceramics we use today.

Iyashi Ceramics start with a selection of crystals and other crystalline minerals the main one being tourmaline. These crystal minerals are heated to 3000F degrees until they reach a liquid state. They are then left to cool until they become a solid. This heating and cooling process is repeated 9 times until they are final set into a mold for a pendant, bracelet etc . This heating and cooling process is repeated multiple times to create a high quality pure ceramic.

iyashi pendant process

Iyashi Ceramics have many natural benefits including producing negative ions, outputting far-infrared energy, and contain the natural vibrational frequencies of the crystals used. The main crystals used, tourmaline, is largely responsible for the negative ions and far Infrared energy. Tourmaline in its natural state produces negative ions through piezo electric currents but this is enhanced once it has been transformed into Iyashi Ceramics. Its vibrational wavelength also produces far infrared rays which stimulates the body’s natural biological functions.


Properties of Iyashi Ceramics

  • Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are naturally emitted by tourmaline and have between 4-16 micron wavelengths. Far Infrared rays cannot be seen by the naked eye as they are above the visible light spectrum. They are a source of natural heat that can penetrate the human body providing beneficial healing effects. Another major source of Far Infrared Rays is the Sun. While the natural FIR energy produced by Iyashi Ceramics does create heat it is not like heat in the traditional sense that can burn. FIR creates a very low level heat that penetrates the body providing gradual warmth inside. This heat can be as low as your body temperature so for the most part can be unnoticeable. Additionally Far Infrared rays warm your body directly and not the surrounding air. Far Infrared heat can activate all the bodies systems when exposed which helps speed up the healing process and provides better general function overall.


  • Piezo Electric Currents are one of the sources of negative ions found in our Iyashi Ceramics. Crystals like tourmaline and other similar crystals carry a very small electric charge. In 1986 it was discovered by Japanese researches that Tourmaline carried a constant electrical charge of 0.06mA. This small electric charge is enough to create negative ions. This perpetual output of negative ions occurs due to the energy and electrons produced by the sun.


  • Negative Ions are molecules or atoms with an additional electron. They help to neutralize free radicals ( aka positive ions ) that are missing an electron. Free radicals are detrimental to health as they tend to pull electrons off neighboring molecules causing oxidative damage to biological structures like ourselves. By providing our body with negative ions we are able to neutralize external positive ions preventing them from damage us along with repairing any cells in our body that have already been damage by giving them back their missing electron. 


  • Vibrational Frequencies are found in all crystals and is the frequency the crystal physically vibrates at. Certain crystals have specific constant vibrations, for example quartz vibrates at 32,768Hz which is why it is used in clocks to keep time. These vibration frequencies have natural healing effects which can positively impact our bodies. Crystals create a very powerful vibrational frequency which can harmonize other negative frequencies in our environment and our bodies.