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Shieldite Cell Phone Plate EMF Protector [617529376747]

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I wanted to share something we've observed since receiving our order.

As I've shared in previous emails, the EMFs in our home is extremely high.
Last Monday we woke to find my daughter's hamster's (who lives in my daughter's room and bathroom where the levels are as high as 1,900)
eye was huge, swollen. Worried for her pet we took her to the vet. The vet wasn't sure exactly what it was but guessed that the hamster may have a brain tumor and it was pressing the eye out of the socket. She sent us home with some meds for Dot which we began to give. Over the next few days giving the meds her wasn't getting any better. Then Friday night our order arrived. Since then I've moved Dot out of the area she's usually in to a place in our home where the EMFs measure around 600-800 and I placed the Shieldite pyramid next to her cage.

This may sound crazy, but as of today (3 full days since adding the shieldite) but both my daughter and I believe the One True God of the Bible is using His creation, the shieldite, to answer our prayers and heal Dot. Her eye is so much better and the swelling is almost back to normal.

Hope that encourages you as much as it does us, and that by His grace, you know the One, True, Living God who is still taking care of His creation.
 by Colleen B