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Professional Binaural Beat Headphones

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Our Professional Binaural Beat Headphones output accurate binaural frequencies. We recommend these headphones as your ideal source of sound when listening to Itsu Sync. Other, lower quality headphones tend not to output absolutely accurate tones, and/or cannot reproduce the lower and higher frequency ranges required for Itsu Sync to operate optimally and properly. With our Professional Binaural Beat Headphones, you will notice the effects of Itsu Sync quicker and with improved intensity. Experience Itsu Sync binaural beats how they were designed to be experienced; clearly, crisply and precisely with the Itsu Sync Professional Binaural Beat Headphones.

Our Professional Binaural Beat Headphones are designed to provide the highest quality reproduction of binaural tones, which is required in order to experience the maximum benefits of Itsu Sync. Not only do our headphones provide precise audio reproduction, but they are designed to be as comfortable as possible. The cushion design we chose provides padding which we guarantee will be as comfortable for hours of use, without the discomfort consumer-grade headphones often cause over time. The Itsu Sync headphones are comfortable for most, even while sleeping on their side. You can use the Professional Binaural Beat Headphones for use with other music and movies and experience high quality sound. Designed first and foremost to reproduce accurate binaural frequencies, the Professional Binaural Beat Headphones are what we recommend you use with Itsu Sync.

Technical specifications of the HQ Binaural Headphones:

    • 10Hz to 24,000Hz Frequency Response
    • 102dB Output Sound Pressure Level
    • 500mW Max Input Power
    • 40ohms Impedance
    • 150cm Cord Length Total
    • 130g Weight Design

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