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Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone [617529376136]

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When we received our order, Jan. 15.14.
The first thing I wanted to take care of my dental problem, I had extensive
Dental care done ($3.500.00), the last appointment was Dec. 5. 2013.
I could not chew food on the left side for last 5 years, seems as though the
hinges came apart. I was told give time to heal.

When I went to bad , I placed a Chakra Stone side of the jaw, slept on it.
When I had breakfast, I gave try, and I could chew!!!! I still can not chew
hard food, getting better day by day.
Thousands dollars investment to other products for healthy, pain free better
life, I am grateful to lived long enough to truly experience superior
company who delivers that is promised.
Looking forward to wean away from many prescriptions/ decades of LUPUS,
KIDNEY fail with host of illness doctors could not pinpoint.
Thank you for being REAL and offering, humanity to enjoy life.
 by Yung Johnson