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Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone [617529376136]

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" I would like to submit a testimonial regarding the chakra stone purchased from Iyashi.

First of all , I have had experience with piezo electric devices from other companies . I am also sensitive enough to feel this type of energy. This Iyashi chakra stone is much stronger than your competitions. I am experiencing two fantastic benefits so far.

1. I sleep with one next to me and feel as though I sleep much deeper. Love it.

2. The bones in my thighs have been aching for more than a month. I have been treating them for advanced prostate cancer with pulsed electro magnetic frequencies . I have been having a lot success with this technology . I have been told that the aching part is normal and just means that they are healing. I have relief from the pain for the 1st time in more than a month . I am convinced that the chakra stones are what helped me with the pain. Wow! What a relief.

I am very impressed with the quality of the Iyashi products. "
 by Michael Schmitt