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Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone [617529376136]

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Hello Iyashi Wand Products

Recently I purchased a Chakra Stone since my brother had mentioned I would present a gateway to a divine energy. Since I’ve always been sort of a sceptic whether or not this kind of energy really exists so I thought I would open up and give it a try. Monday morning I decided to bring the Chakra Stone to work and placed it on my desk next to my plant. That morning it seemed the Chakra Stone transmitted a degree of energy since several of my colleagues who observed the stone on my desk had asked questions about it after examining the simplicity of it. I found myself having to look up the stone meaning several times during the day to better enlighten to everyone who asked. Later in the afternoon for whatever reasons I felt compelled to put the Chakra Stone in my pocket for the remainder of the day. Peculiar enough I found myself experiencing a kind of happy feeling with a sense of uncontrollable smiles and even slight chuckles. I felt as though the Chakra Stone had lifted some kind of negative energy from my consciousness giving me clarity.

The next day excited as I was with this sensation I decided to communicate this information to a close colleague. She asked if she could carry the Chakra stone during the day. Later that afternoon my colleague came back saying they felt clarity with a sense of light feeling.

After work I went home and decided to watch a little TV and soon decided to take a little snooze on the couch. I put the Chakra stone underneath my pillow since it slid out of my pocket while I was lying down.

I must have slept for an hour but it seemed like a whole night. When I awoke I had the most unusual dream. I dreamt as though I was in another world with different people. Some of the people I could not recognize? I believed for a long time that dreams are merely extensions of you, your subconscious thought, I am questioning now reincarnation and a possible ability to 'see' someone else's life. I believe the energy of the Chakra Stone can enable us to live in the moment, without desire. To be truly free of concerns, worries, doubts, and fears. Thank you!
 by John