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Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone


The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone is a new innovation based on a traditional Bio Energy Disk. Made of Iyashi Ceramics and infused with 18000+ beneficial healing frequencies it combines the power of negative ions with scalar & zero point energy. The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone is designed for many other uses as compared to a standard Iyashi Pendant or Bracelet.


Uses of Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone

  • Cooking - Use while cooking food to energize, alkalize, add anti-oxidants and improve taste. When the stone is heated it increases the release of negative ions to a level powerful enough to increase the alkalinity of liquids and foods, decrease the ORP adding vital anti-oxidants while making the food taste better. Put the stone in when cooking liquidly foods such as soup, rice, stir fry, coffee pot or anything that contains some water while cooking.
  • Balance Chakras – Larger and more powerful than then a standard scalar pendant you can place it directly on any chakra centers to open and release that chakra.
  • Hot Rock Therapy – Heat the stone in boiling water and place on the skin. The heat will increase the release of negative ions. This can be done by having someone place them on your back or place one on any sore point on your body.
  • Headaches & improved alertness – While hot or cold place on your forehead to help relieve headaches. Alternatively you can place it under your pillow and lay your head down on it, this can be done for a short nap or even when sleeping. Afterwards you will feel alert and clear.
  • Targeted relief – Place on any sore area of your body for passive targeted relief. You can keep it in your pocket throughout the day to keep receiving the benefits.


Technology Behind The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone

The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone is an excellent tool for individuals and professionals together. While not as portable as an Iyashi Bracelet or Pendant it provides powerful targeted healing capabilities. By placing it on a point it is able to clear energy blockages and revitalize the bodies’ energetic systems. This is achieved through the combination of Iyashi Ceramic Technology and Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology.


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Product Details

Material: Iyashi Ceramics

Infusion: Full Spectrum via BFIT, 18000+ energy patters.

Energy Technologies: BFIT, Negative Ion, healing crystals, zpe & scalar energy.

Authenticity Card: Yes, also is a scalar energy card.

Color: White

Size & weight : 3 inches width, 0.5 inch depth, 4.2oz

Inside the box: Iyashi Chakra Stone and scalar energy card.

Iyashi Ceramics are a material that emits negative ions due to their composition of Tourmaline, Germanium and other select crystals. These crystals are heated to over 3000F degrees and then cooled; this process is repeated 9 times until set into its final shape. This creates a material which carries many beneficial properties including negative ions, piezo electric currents and far infrared rays (FIR).

The more Iyashi Ceramics used the more negative ions are produced, which is why this Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone is so effective. The piezo electric currents help produce an infinite supply of negative ions meaning the stone will always keep working. Negative ions are free electrons that act as anti-oxidants helping to neutralize free radicals in the body. They are essential to good health as they repair cellular damage and revitalize cells also.

Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology is the infusion technology that infuses a full spectrum of healing frequencies into the Iyashi Zero Point Bio Energy Chakra Stone; over 18000+ beneficial healing frequencies. These “healing frequencies” are also known as “vibrational frequencies” which are a form of Scalar Energy. All these frequencies are specifically designed to balance out the body’s energetic systems bringing them back into perfect balance.
Everything can impact our energetic field from physical damage, emotional stress, negative thoughts, Electro Magnetic Radiation and more. This leaves our bodies energetic systems low or blocks them entirely. When they are blocked it is impossible for the body to properly heal itself. Only through realigning the energetic systems can the body properly activate its natural healing process. Many modalities of alternative healing refer to this as having “weak aura”, “low chi”, “blocked chakras”, “blocked meridians” etc.

BFITs full spectrum of healing frequencies is the solution to balance and realign them.

Infused in Individual Batches
iyashi pendant vibrascan tested

BFIT Infusioin
iyashi pendant vibrascan tested


100% Guarantee

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All Iyashi Products come with a 100% guarantee. What this guarantee covers is;

  1. 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason. Just return the product and we will issue you a full product refund. No questions asked.
  2. One week replacement period. If your product arrives damaged because of shipping or arrives defective we will replace it free of charge.*
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  • If you have any other problems that do not fall under this guarantee please contact us and we will do what we can to remedy the situation.
  • We provide full e-mail and phone support for any issues you may have. All emails and missed phone calls will be responded to by an IIT tech & sales rep within 48 hours. 
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What comes with the Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone?

  • 1x Iyashi Chakra Stone
  • 1x Authenticity/ scalar energy card embedded with negative ions.
  • 1x case


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I heat the Iyashi Zero Point Bio Energy Chakra Stone?
A: Boil it in water and then carefully take it out without burning yourself. You may want to let it cool enough so it is comfortable to touch. Don’t worry it will retain the heat.

Q: How do I cook with it?
A: It is very easy simply place it in the pot or pan your food you are cooking. Liquidly foods like soup, chili or rice you can place along in the pot and your job is done. If you are doing stir fry in a wok place it at the bottom and toss the veggies over it. If you are cooking a burger in a frying pan place it on top of the burger when cooking. It is best if the food comes in contact with it or is close to it, this is why it works best with liquidly foods.

Q: Can I put it in the bath?
A: Yes although you might want to wash it after with some soap and water if you plan to cook with it again.

Q: Can I use multiple Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stones at the same time?
A: Yes you can use as many as you like. Practitioners who use it for hot rock therapy regularly use up to 10 stones on a client at once.

Q: Can I keep it in the fridge or with my fruits and vegetables?
A: Yes, keeping it in a vegetable crisper will help extend the life of the fruits of veggies.

Q: Does it only work when heated?
A: No, it will work cold as well. Heat get activates and enhances its effects especially for cooking.

Reviews: 7

 by Bonnie Gumble
Thank you ! I can't wait ! I'm really looking forward to the new pendants as well. I used the ankle wrap for a SEVERELY sprained ankle in march and it really helped speed the healing process. I still wear it when my ankle aches. I use my Chakra stone every single day and that's why I am order...

 by Yung Johnson
When we received our order, Jan. 15.14. The first thing I wanted to take care of my dental problem, I had extensive Dental care done ($3.500.00), the last appointment was Dec. 5. 2013. I could not chew food on the left side for last 5 years, seems as though the hinges came apart. I was told giv...

 by Michael Schmitt
" I would like to submit a testimonial regarding the chakra stone purchased from Iyashi. First of all , I have had experience with piezo electric devices from other companies . I am also sensitive enough to feel this type of energy. This Iyashi chakra stone is much stronger than your competitions...

 by Amy M.
"I have been using the chakra stones for a month now but find myself re-ordering more three times already! I really think they are exactly what the Iyashi Website describes them to be.I use them in conjunction with the Iyashi wand. Aside from placing the stones on my chakras I also found that sleepi...

 by John
Hello Iyashi Wand Products Recently I purchased a Chakra Stone since my brother had mentioned I would present a gateway to a divine energy. Since I’ve always been sort of a sceptic whether or not this kind of energy really exists so I thought I would open up and give it a try. Monday morning I de...

 by S.Mohamed-PhD,BCNMP,RND,BCNC
"After continuous usage for about 1 year, here are my findings using the Iyashi Red Card and Chakra Stone. I use the Red Plastic Iyashi Card as a grounding aid everyday for the past year, with a few off days here and there, just a few. I place the cards in my socks on the right foot about 6 in...

 by Claude
I have purchased 3 Chakra Stones 2 Pendants 1 Law of Attraction 1 Full Spectrum Pain 1 Iyashi Wand 1 Knee wrap 1 Elbow wrap I heard through a friend, that these were excellent Energetic Products. Zero-Point Energy..was most fascinating to me. So I decided to buy all of the above. ...