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Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Healing Bracelet

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More Energy, Boosted Vitality and Better Health

Iyashi® Negative Ion Healing Bracelets are a new generation of negative ion scalar energy bracelets. They are one of the best overall healing tools available combining several advanced technologies to provide maximum health benefits through their healing technology. The main features are:

Negative Ions- Each bead emits around 1300 negative ions providing your body with vital anti-oxidants. Negative ions increase physical and mental energy, fight free radicals, purify and alkalizes blood, rejuvenate cells, improve sleep, and increase your overall wellbeing.

Scalar Energy- Each Healing Bracelet has been infused with over 18000+ scalar energy frequencies through BFIT. This provides a full spectrum of subtle healing energies that help repair your energetic field helping to activate the body’s natural healing process.

Far-infrared Rays (FIR) - One of the main crystals the bracelets are made out of is Tourmaline which produces FIR energy. Far-infrared is a non-visible wavelength produced that penetrates deeply into the body tissue providing many healing benefits.

Piezo electric currents- The tourmaline stone naturally provides very small electrical currents which help generate the negative ions produced. This acts as a non-stop generator for the negative ions which will last forever.


Re-align and Re-energize All Your Bodies’ Energetic Systems

The Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelet helps improve your health and wellbeing through re-aligning and re-energizing your bodies energetic systems while simultaneously stimulating them with additional negative ions to activate the body’s natural healing process.

When your energetic system becomes weakened your physical body does to. Many people get stuck with health conditions try everything and never recover or improve. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves so what is preventing this from happening? Your energetic systems are low or blocked; you will often hear many modalities of alterative healing refer to this as having “low chi”, “blocked chakras”, “weak aura”, “blocked meridians” etc.


Comes in 4 Colors and 6 different sizes

iyashi bracelets 4 colors


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Iyashi Bracelet Technology

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Product Details

Material: Iyashi Ceramics

Infusion: Full Spectrum via BFIT, 18000+ energy patters.

Energy Technologies: BFIT, Negative Ion, healing crystals, scalar energy.

Authenticity Card: Yes, also is a scalar energy card.

Color: Black.

Inside the box: Iyashi Bracelet and scalar energycard.

Size Guide:

  • XXX-Large= 21 cm or 8.3 inches (22 links)
  • XX-Large = 20 cm or 7.9 inches (21 links)
  • X-Large = 19 cm or 7.5 inches (20 links)
  • Large = 18 cm or 7.1 inches (19 links)
  • Medium = 17 cm or 6.7 inches(18 links)
  • Small = 16 cm or 6.3 inches (17 links)


Picking your Bracelet Size

The Iyashi Bracelets are elastic and flexible and designed to fit comfortably around your wrist. Take a piece of string of measuring tape and measure your wrist. The chart below gives you the the exact size of the bracelets. If your wrist is the same measurement as the bracelet size it will be a very snug fit, most people prefer picking the next size up.

  • XXX-Large= 21 cm or 8.3 inches (22 links)
  • XX-Large = 20 cm or 7.9 inches (21 links)
  • X-Large = 19 cm or 7.5 inches (20 links)
  • Large = 18 cm or 7.1 inches (19 links)
  • Medium = 17 cm or 6.7 inches(18 links)
  • Small = 16 cm or 6.3 inches (17 links)


Benefits of the Iyashi® Negative Ion Healing Bracelet

Increase your energy, reduce discomfort and improve your overall health. This is just the basics of what an Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelet does. Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelets work on the physical and energetic level bringing your body into perfect harmony. The Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelet may help deliver the following benefits.

  • Increase energy
  • Reduce discomfort
  • Increase circulation
  • Clears energy blockages
  • Accelerate natural healing process
  • Full Zero Point field repair
  • Strengthens bio field
  • Repair from and fight EMF damage
  • Repair cellular damage
  • Increase alertness and clarity


Negative Ions are Positive for our Health

Negative ions are free electrons that act as anti-oxidants to help neutralize free radicals in the body. This can help the body repair cellular damage and revitalize cells. A surplus of negative ions protects the body from all the free radicals (positive ions) we encounter from pollution, low quality food, stress, electromagnetic fields, and other environmental factors. In nature there is a surplus of negative ions and a low amount of positive ions but in areas with pollutions of electromagnetic fields the negative ions are reduced dramatically.

Negative and Positive Ion Levels Measured in Various Locations


Negative Ions

Positive Ions




Industrial Areas



Shopping Arcades



Residential Areas






Kowakidani Hot Spring



Near Minoh Waterfall



(These measurements were taken in Japan)

The Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelets mimic the negative ions produced in nature similar to forests, hot springs or waterfalls. When we wear the Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelet you can feel rejuvenated all day long as you are taking the negative ions with you. Also with the Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelets located around your wrist the negative ions are delivered to your entire body as your blood completes a full circulation every 8 minutes.


Technology Behind The Iyashi Bracelet

Iyashi Bracelets are a combination of two main proprietary technologies. Iyashi Ceramics + Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology


What Are Iyashi Ceramics?

Iyashi Ceramics are the material the bracelet beads are made out of and the base material all most other Iyashi healing products are made of. Iyashi Ceramics are a combination of crystals and crystalline minerals such as tourmaline germanium, quarts and others. They are taken and heated to 3000F degrees until they reach a liquid state and then cooled. This process is repeated 9 times, and is the “Fusion” process of fusing the different crystals together. This creates an enhanced ceramic material which emits negative ions and carries the other properties of the crystals used.
iyashi ceramic technology


What is Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology?

Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT) is a proprietary technology used to infuse vibrational frequencies into the bracelet. Vibrational frequencies are also known as Scalar Energy, this is the subtle energy that the pendant emits. With BFIT we are able to infuse over 18000+ different vibrational frequencies into the Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelet making it one of the most powerful Scalar Energy Bracelets around.

Everything living carries a vibrational frequency and when we are in poor health this vibrational frequency lowers. This prevents the body more activating its natural healing capabilities. When we introduce the correct vibrational frequencies to the body they will raise up to the correct levels. This is the secret behind the Iyashi Negative Ion Bracelets effectiveness and as it carries over 18000+ beneficial healing frequencies which cover all aspects of the body rather than just a few. This combination of technologies makes Iyashi the most effective healing bracelet available.


Infused in Individual Batches
iyashi pendant vibrascan tested
BFIT Infusioin
iyashi pendant vibrascan tested



100% Guarantee

100% guarantee logo

All Iyashi Products come with a 100% guarantee. What this guarantee covers is;

  1. 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason. Just return the product and we will issue you a full product refund. No questions asked.
  2. One week replacement period. If your product arrives damaged because of shipping or arrives defective we will replace it free of charge.*
  3. In the rare chance your order is lost during shipping we will replace it free of charge.*



  • If you have any other problems that do not fall under this guarantee please contact us and we will do what we can to remedy the situation.
  • We provide full e-mail and phone support for any issues you may have. All emails and missed phone calls will be responded to by an IIT tech & sales rep within 48 hours. 
  • *For more details on our Return Policy or Shipping policies please click here to view them


What comes with the Iyashi Bracelet?

  • 1x Iyashi Bracelet .
  • 1x Authenticity/ scalar energy card embedded with negative ions.
  • 1x Basic user guide.
  • 1x Bracelet sized box.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Size Iyashi Bracelet should I choose?
A: Take a piece of string or measuring tape and measure your wrist. The chart below is the exact size of the bracelets. You should choose a bracelet that is slightly larger than your wrist so it fits comfortably but not too snug. The Iyashi Bracelets use an elastic so stretch out quite easily making them easy to take on an off.

  • XXX-Large= 21 cm or 8.3 inches ( 22 links )
  • XX-Large = 20 cm or 7.9 inches ( 21 links )
  • X-Large = 19 cm or 7.5 inches ( 20 links )
  • Large = 18 cm or 7.1 inches ( 19 links )
  • Medium = 17 cm or 6.7 inches( 18 links )
  • Small = 16 cm or 6.3 inches ( 17 links )

Q: Can I wear the Iyashi Bracelet in the Shower or Swimming?
A: Yes.

Q: When should I wear the Iyashi Bracelet?
A: Wear the Iyashi Bracelet throughout the day. It is optional to wear it at night, some people find it gives them too much energy while others find it makes them feel rejuvenated in the morning. Try it out and see what works for you.

Q: My Iyashi Bracelets Elastic Snapped!
A: Avoid over stretching the bracelets and this should not happen. If it does you can simply restring it with “Stretch Magic 1mm Bead and Jewelry Cord”. This can be bought at any local craft store.

Q: Can I wear more than 1 Iyashi Bracelet?
A: Yes you can wear as many as you like. Wearing one per wrist is quite nice.

Q: Can I wear it around my ankle?
A: No, the elastic is not designed to stretch that big and you will probably break your Iyashi Bracelet.

Q: Can I wear it with a watch or other bracelet?
A: Yes you can, although if it is rubbing against a metal watch sharp edges may scratch and discolor it.

Reviews: 22

 by Sam
I have bought several health tools from or allied websites. Each item bought has built trust in their products to take the leap to buy another. First, the Iyashi Wand works profoundly better than the cheap imitation I had been using. The Iyashi Wand is much more effective and wi...

 by Emily M
Just wanted to drop a note that I am so grateful you make your very powerful products affordable. On top of having pendents "disappear out of thin air" after placing them on the ground, I live in a dorm that recently had some theft occur. They took my iyashi products, also but I am relieved to ...

 by Yusef Miles Fry
When it first arrived, it did take a moment to engage me but then shortly after, I felt the benefits begin to work. And when some more time past I not only began to feel better, I found myself becoming a staunch supporter of the work you do there at Iysashi Source. - I still am now. For my won...

 by Laura J
I also wanted to let you know that I purchased the Shieldite necklaces and Iyashi bracelets for both my daughter and myself for Christmas. We both are feeling SO MUCH better! We both work around computers all day. I will be referring my clients to you! Thanks so much! ...

 by Yusef Miles Fry
"Hello. Hope all is well today. My name is Yusef Miles Fry but I go by my middle name, Miles. I am a recent and happy customer of It took me a lot of research to find you guys. Actually years, but I put in the right search values this time and I found just what I was looking ...

 by Eve Livaditis
I have noticed a big difference since wearing the Iyashi bracelet, but even more so when I hold it in my hand where there are more nerve endings. I would recommend whenever you have the opportunity, to hold the bracelet in your hand, and I feel increased levels of alertness and you can sense the ele...

 by Judi W
Hi, I ordered the bracelet and sheildite special, and I LOVE them!!!

 by Leo Hunt
My yellow bracelet arrived in the post today and it looks great!

 by Margaret M.
Have just received my blue iyashi bracelet. It is beautiful.

 by Melixa M
Love my bracelet by the way!

 by Chris S
I recently purchased a bracelet and a pendant. They both work awesomely!

 by Airi E
I bought Iyashi bracelet and Shildite necklace and I noticed a big difference in my health. I am extremely sensitive to EMF and I would like to know those information. I get severe anxiety and depression from EMF. And your product gave me such a relief.. Thank you !...

 by Jake
I just wanted to say thank-you so much for your amazing products. I just received the Shieldite rocks and my Iyashi bracelet 2 days ago and can already feel a difference happening....

 by Randy T
When I bought the braclet I could feel braclet in my hand even before I put it on, it was super strong. ...

 by Sue Zuriff
I LOVE both the shieldite pendant and healing bracelet -- in fact, I had to order another pendant because I lost it after wearing it only a few days and didn't want to be without it. They have really made a difference in the way I feel! I am waiting for the under-bed block to be available, as w...

 by Tristan B
G'day, I recently received your bracelet and shieldite pendant, and was astounded at the results! thankyou so much. They have greatly changed my quality of life. I have nerve damage to my lumbar spine. My nervous system is in a painful hypersensentive state which has caused many complications ...

 by Cory W
I now have the pendant and bracelet and enjoy them both.

 by FHL, New York City
My bracelet-- a beautiful Blue Sapphire color-- arrived yesterday, and it practically flew onto my wrist. I don't every want to remove it. It's got a light, bubbly energy that, just makes me feel happy! ...

 by Bonnie
"I am so grateful for you and this company. Your products have been such a HUGE benefit to my life and the quality of it,,,,I really do not know where I would be without you !!!! Do you know that I NEVER get sick with the ""bugs"" that are passed around from one person to the next? My friends a...

 by Mark B
I have never believed in this type of products before but one day my friend shared his Iyashi Bracelet with me because I had a large mosquito bite that was swollen up. After wearing the bracelet for an hour it was completely gone and I was in shock how well it worked. A few days later I had some de...

 by Heather
I love my Iyashi bracelet and wear it all the time. I noticed that I have more energy and need less sleep. The pain in my wrist (carpel tunnel syndrome) is almost all gone. The bracelets are also very attractive. Glad there are so many colors to choose from as I am planning on buying another one for...

 by Paul Losvik
I used to be a pretty active person. I played hockey on the weekends, had no problems getting up in the morning, and had fun staying up late all the time no problem. In the past few years, things have gotten increasingly difficult to do. I quit my amateur hockey league team, I stopped going out as m...