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Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Healing Bracelet [617529376242]

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When it first arrived, it did take a moment to engage me but then shortly
after, I felt the benefits begin to work. And when some more time past I not
only began to feel better, I found myself becoming a staunch supporter of
the work you do there at Iysashi Source. - I still am now.

For my wonderful bracelet today, there seems to be a real difference for me

I have MS and am very EMF/EMR sensitive. I even feel electricity sometimes
come at me when I am close to outlets or need to use one to plug something
into. Plus, I work primarily with computer systems most of the day.

I tend to fall and trip a lot due to this condition. Including random
numbness, temporary paralysis, and the feeling of sharp needles into my left
hand and leg. Sometimes need to use a cane. Sometimes I do not but recently
I fell and re-injured my left wrist where I wear it for a 4th time.

Super painful and it is healing very slowly. When I got the bracelet in
October I had wrist damage then too but it seemed to heal very fast. Plus I
felt quite outstanding through most of the day.
 by Yusef Miles Fry