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Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Healing Bracelet [617529376242]

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"Hello. Hope all is well today.

My name is Yusef Miles Fry but I go by my middle name, Miles. I am a recent
and happy customer of It took me a lot of research to find
you guys. Actually years, but I put in the right search values this time and
I found just what I was looking for.

I purchased 2 Iyashi bracelets and they came with the ID cards which say
from your video that they are activated as well with the BFIT technologies.

One of the cards is different and I much prefer the thicker card. I use it
as much as possible and I noticed a difference right away.

One bracelet I enthusiastically gave
it to my girlfriend for her health issues which consist of daily deep pain
and circulatory depreciation from the blood brain barrier to the rest of her
body. More specifically the lower part to the feet does not get the full
benefit of her hearts work to push blood throughout the body thoroughly.

For this also I am looking to a daily regiment of Colloidal Silver to help
remedy this and possibly change our body's imbalance due to free radicals
being to dominate strength within the body. Just have to do a ton a research
in this area too. Would be nice to have a good - trustworthy referral to
start from.

Carrie (my girlfriend) doesn't say much about her experience with her
bracelet - but since I gave it to her, she never takes it off. I mean never.
Plus I have noticed helpful changes within her. And I bought it right when
she was suffering some major migraines which I can happily say have subsided

Plus the tourmaline build that the bracelets have I believe have some
significance with her. She recovers or ignores situations that would
normally make here highly stressed.

She carries her stress in her body and it usually goes right into her head,
neck or back. Or all of the above. And even though I do have to massage her
very much still, (I never mind though...)

I do not yet have a Ion Energy tester. So it is all so very hard for here to
believe in it's usefulness because all of the facts of it's operation - are
rather unseen. But I know when there is more laughs and seemingly less
stress in the bulk of here experiences from and outside observation, I am so
totally grateful. And there is a lot of stress in our household with two

Thank you thank you for making such an awesome - and super important health
product. Thank you.

My experience has been up and down. So I can't say that I am sure. I live
close to a network of Masts which the closest is about 3 blocks over. It is
a wifi tower. And then there are a lot of EMF/EMR situations around me from
close shopping and construction.

The bracelet seems that it is working with me at times and other times, I
feel like I am still stuck to the bed. I do use the card as well.

I must mention also that I have Multiple Sclerosis so I know that this has a lot to to do with this. And I should also mention, when it is seeming to
work with me, I feel better than I have in years! Thank You soo soo much :)

I am also thinking to move as well.

Maybe mine is not strong enough. Or maybe it is being affected too much
somehow. I am a little desperate because I have only moments when I have
enough energy to be up and do things like this. I fight with the computer as
well so I will leave this here for the moment. Please tell me what I should

A very kind thank you for an awesome product.

Y Miles Fry

 by Yusef Miles Fry