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Iyashi Infrared & Magnetic Wraps/ Supports

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Iyashi Infrared and Magnetic Wraps are advanced support wraps that give you the joint support required along with a combination of Far-Infrared heat, magnet therapy, and infused with our proprietary Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology. They are designed for all the major joints to help aid in the recovery process and accelerate healing. Iyashi far-infrared and magnetic wraps have several major designs to target all the bodies major joints.


iyashi infrared ankle wrap iyashi infrared elbow wrap iyashi infrared hand wrap iyashi infrared wrist wrap iyashi infrared neck wrap iyashi infrared back wrap iyashi infrared knee wrap iyashi infrared shoulder wrap

How Iyashi Wraps Work

  • Iyashi Wraps first are designed to provide support helping isolate the joint preventing strenuous movement that could result in injury. They are one size fits all and made of a flexible stretch cloth which will wrap snuggly around the skin.


  • Next Iyashi Wraps come with a pad made of tourmaline and germanium. This is what produces the Far Infrared Heat (FIR). FIR penetrates into the body several inches providing deep healing relief.


  • Magnets are used in the wrap to provide the additional benefit of magnet therapy. Studies have shown using magnets on specific areas can improve the healing process by stimulating the bodies magnetic field and improving blood flow.


  • Each Iyashi Wrap is also infused with Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT). This is our proprietary technology which infuses 18000+ beneficial healing frequencies into the wrap. This will realign the energetic field around the area the wrap is placed.

iyashi infrared wrap iyashi magnet therapy


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Product Details

Comes In 8 Styles

Materials: Neoprene, tourmaline, germanium, magnets

Infusion: Full Spectrum via BFIT, 18000+ frequencies.

Energy Technologies: BFIT, negative ions, magnet & infrared therapy, zpe & scalar energy.

Color: Black

Size: Universal, check product details for measurements


Benefits of Iyashi Infrared Magnetic Wraps

Iyashi Infrared and magnetic wraps help in several different ways each which have unique benefits.

  • Isolation of Joint – by isolating the joint and restricting the movement this prevents any strenuous movement that can further strain the joint. This keeps the joint in a position that it can start to heal and helps prevent re-injury.


  • Far Infrared Heat (FIR) – Far infrared heat is heat produced by non-visible waves of energy. Commonly heat is used to treat injuries due to how it can sooth the muscles and relax them. Far Infrared Heat works differently than regular heat as instead of heating the surrounding air it actually heats the object (the object being you). This type of heat penetrates the body up to 2 inches for a more deep and lasting effect. Far Infrared heat is also helps relieve pain better compared to other types of heat as the body absorbs this heat directly.


  • Magnet Therapy – Magnet therapy has been used for thousands of years and continues to be used due to the benefits it can provide. Our body is based around magnetic fields as our heart pumps based on electrical pulses while at a cellular level we are made up of protons and electrons. All our cells have their own magnetic field which is why we can stimulate the body through the use of magnets. Magnet therapy helps stimulate nutrient rich blood flow in the area which can speed up the healing process. This provides the surrounding cells with more oxygen while flushing out unwanted toxins.


  • BioMetric Frequency Infusion Technology – Referred to as BFIT for short this is our proprietary technology for infusing subtle healing energies (vibrational frequencies) into our products. Everything living carries a vibrational frequency and when there is an injury or you are in poor health that vibrational frequency drops. There is a strong link between our physical body and energetic body which is why using vibration frequencies can help accelerate and heal the body. For example if you accidently cut your thumb this will drop the vibrational frequency around your thumb weakening it. The physical injury and energetic injury are interconnected meaning when you fix the energetic trauma the body will start to also heal the physical trauma. This basically will accelerate and speed up the body’s natural healing process allowing you to recover quickly.

This combination of recovery and healing methods work in harmony together to provide a quicker recovery.


Types of Iyashi Wraps


Iyashi Infrared & Magnetic Ankle Wrap

iyashi infrared ankle wrapThe Iyashi Ankle wrap is very versatile as it can be worn in several different ways to target the specific part of the ankle you desire. iyashi infrared ankle wrap

1) You can wear the Iyashi Ankle wrap like in the following picture to specifically provide ankle support. This isolates the ankle preventing strenuous movement so the joint can heal effectively. This is perfect is you have sprained your ankle or suffered another similar injury.

iyashi infrared ankle wrap2) The other way to wear the Iyashi Ankle wrap is on the foot to provide arch support. This helps raise your arch and supports all the ligaments in the foot. This is ideal if you suffer from fallen arches or have poor arch support. This helps maintain a healthy arch in your foot with providing the flexibility of movement so your arches can strengthen over time.

The Iyashi Ankle wrap comes with two tourmaline germanium pads on either side to provide relief on both sides of the foot or ankle. Each pad has 2 magnets underneath.

iyashi infrared ankle wrap iyashi infrared ankle wrap iyashi infrared ankle wrap
  • Provides support to the ankle
  • Relaxes your feet and lower calves
  • Decrease strain in foot and lower calf
  • Powerful far-infrared heat
  • Had 4 powerful magnets, 2 on each side
  • Includes 1 ankle wrap
  • Fits up to a size 12 foot



Iyashi Infrared & Magnetic Elbow Wrap

iyashi infrared elbow wrap

The Iyashi Elbow wrap is perfect for any type of joint or muscle recovery in the elbow, forearm or bicep area. The most popular way to wear it is to wrap it around the elbow joint to isolate the elbow from any strenuous bending. You can rotate it 90 degrees is either direction to specifically target the sides of the elbow. This method is useful if you are suffering from either golfers or tennis elbow. Simply target the pad of the wrap on the affected area to provide the relief you need. The Iyashi Elbow wrap contains 4 magnets to sufficiently cover the entire elbow joint.

iyashi infrared elbow wrap iyashi infrared elbow wrap iyashi infrared elbow wrap




  • Provides powerful far-infrared heat
  • Stabilize & supports elbow
  • Relaxes elbow muscles
  • Decrease elbow strain
  • 4 powerful magnets
  • Includes 1 elbow wrap



Iyashi Infrared & Magnetic Neck Wrap

iyashi infrared neck wrap

The Iyashi neck wrap does not isolate the neck but mere provides targeted relief to a selected area. It should be worn snuggly around your neck with the tourmaline and germanium pad located on the affect area, usually this is the back of the neck as it is the most common source of neck strain. This wrap contains 2 magnets positioned on the left and right side of the tourmaline pad.

iyashi infrared neck wrap iyashi infrared neck wrap iyashi infrared neck wrap



  • Includes 3 magnets
  • Relaxes neck
  • Powerful far-infrared heat
  • Supports and stabilizes neck



Iyashi Infrared Wrist Wraps ( Pair x2 )

iyashi infrared wrist wrapsThe Iyashi Wrist Wraps are perfect for targeted relief for muscle or joint strain in the wrists or up the forearm. The tourmaline and germanium pads extend the full length of the wrist wrap to they can be worn on any part of the arm as long as they can wrap all the way around. This allows you to target specific areas in your wrist, forearm or bicep area that the Iyashi Hand or Elbow wrap cannot.

iyashi infrared wrist wraps iyashi infrared wrist wraps iyashi infrared wrist wraps





  • Provide wrist support
  • Relax wrist or forearms
  • Decrease wrist and forearm strain
  • Powerful far-infrared heat
  • Includes 2 wrist wraps
  • 9 inches long to fit around any sized wrist



Iyashi Infrared Hand Wrap

iyashi infrared hand wrapThe Iyashi Hand Wrap is designed to isolate the movement of your hand and wrist while leaving you use of your fingers. This is good if you have suffered from a sprain of any other type of wrist strain. The Iyashi Hand wrap can be worn on either hand but only in one way as there is a hole for your thumb to fit through. The tourmaline and germanium pad is adjustable and can be moved to different parts of the wrap to specifically target any area of the hand or wrist.

iyashi infrared hand wrap iyashi infrared hand wrap iyashi infrared hand wrap




  • Provide wrist support
  • Relax wrist or hand
  • Decrease wrist and hand strain
  • Powerful far-infrared heat
  • Includes 1 hand wrap



Iyashi Infrared Back Wrap

The Iyashi Back Wrap help to provide relief to the lower or middle back while providing some support. It simply wraps around your entire mid-section helping isolate that section. The tourmaline and germanium pad wraps cover the entire area of the wrap. There are 2 additional Velcro straps to help fix the wrap snuggly around you. It can fit up to a 45 inch waist or anyone smaller.

iyashi infrared back wrap iyashi infrared back wrap iyashi infrared back wrap



  • Provides lower back support
  • Stabilizes lower back
  • Relaxes back
  • Decrease back strain
  • 45 inch length



Iyashi Infrared & Magnetic Knee Wrap

iyashi infrared knee wrap

Designed to wrap directly around the knee of adults the Iyashi Knee Wraps effectively isolates this joint helping prevent strenuous muscle movements. The tourmaline and germanium pad is quite large and will cover the entire knee cap to provide effective healing. The Iyashi Knee wraps contains 8 magnets to effectively cover the entire knee area.

iyashi infrared knee wrap iyashi infrared knee wrap iyashi infrared knee wrap



  • Provides powerful infrared heat
  • Supports & Stabilizes knee
  • Relaxes knee
  • Decrease knee strain
  • 8 powerful magnets



Iyashi Infrared & Magnetic Shoulder Wrap

iyashi infrared shoulder wrap

The Iyashi Shoulder wrap can be worn around either shoulder to isolate the area and provide targeted relief on all areas of the shoulder. There are 2 tourmaline and germanium pads each located on either side of the shoulder each containing 9 magnets. The Iyashi Shoulder wraps is held in place by two straps, one which crosses across your body and under the arm pit and another that goes under the immediate arm pit.

iyashi infrared shoulder wrap iyashi infrared shoulder wrap iyashi infrared shoulder wrap iyashi infrared shoulder wrap





  • Provides powerful far-infrared heat
  • Supports & stabilizes the shoulder
  • Relaxes shoulder
  • Decrease shoulder strain
  • 18 powerful magnets



Directions for use:

  • Position the tourmaline germanium pad over the affected area.
  • Wrap snuggly around the joint tight enough so it will not move but not too tight to cut off blood flow.
  • Wear either directly on the skin or over a thin piece of cloth or clothing. Iyashi Wraps can get quite hot and it is suggested wearing them over some cloth if you plan on wearing them for more than 20 minutes.

    1) Wear directly on skin for 15-20 minutes then remove

    2) Wear over a piece of cloth for 20+ minutes

  • They can be worn while resting or during activities. They will get quite hot during activities as they trap the heat in.
  • Only hand wash the wraps in warm soapy water and let air dry. Do not put the washing machine or dryer.



100% Guarantee

100% guarantee logo

All Iyashi Products come with a 100% guarantee. What this guarantee covers is;

  1. 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason. Just return the product and we will issue you a full product refund. No questions asked.
  2. One week replacement period. If your product arrives damaged because of shipping or arrives defective we will replace it free of charge.*
  3. In the rare chance your order is lost during shipping we will replace it free of charge.*



  • If you have any other problems that do not fall under this guarantee please contact us and we will do what we can to remedy the situation.
  • We provide full e-mail and phone support for any issues you may have. All emails and missed phone calls will be responded to by an IIT tech & sales rep within 48 hours. 
  • *For more details on our Return Policy or Shipping policies please click here to view them


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do the Iyashi Wraps get so hot after wearing them for a while?
A: While they are providing a gradual infrared heat that alone may not produce a lot of heat the wrap traps the heat against the skin and this heat will gradually grow and accumulate. This is why we recommend not wearing the Iyashi Wraps directly against the skin for more than 20 minutes.

Q: What type of clothing should I wear the wraps over?
A: They should be worn over a very thin piece of clothing such as a t-shirt or similar thin fabric. This provides a little ventilation for the heat so they do not get too hot and will just provide minor gradual calming warmth.

Q: If I am not feeling the heat is it not working?
A: The wrap is still working but the heat is escaping and not accumulating. You want to feel slight warmth preferably so wear the wrap tighter or use a thinner piece of clothing under the wrap.

Q: Can I wear them while doing activities and sports?
A: Yes you can although some wraps may not be comfortable with lots of movement due to the magnets. Make sure to wear them over a thin piece of clothing as the combination of infrared heat and natural body heat can combine together and they will get hotter much quicker.

Q: How do I wash them?
A: Wash them by hand in warm soapy water or wipe them down with a damp cloth. After let them air dry.

Q: How can they produce heat without batteries!?
A: Infrared heat is an energy wavelength produced by the vibration from the tourmaline and germanium crystals. It does not heat the surrounding air like traditional heat but penetrates the body up to 2 inches warming it directly. This is why if you put your hand over the wrap you will not feel any heat but when put against the skin it will start to heat your body up.

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