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Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants


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Iyashi® Crystal Pendants are a new type of scalar energy pendants all with unique energy signatures. Through infusing natural crystal with our proprietary Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT) over 18000+ beneficial vibration frequencies are infused in the crystal pendants while also strengthening the crystals natural energies. This process creates a crystal with its natural energy greatly amplified layered with a full spectrum of additional all around beneficial energy patterns.

iyashi crystal scalar energy pendants

Iyashi® Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants benefits include:

  • Strengthens Bio-field
  • Balance Chakras
  • Strengthen Aura
  • Strengthen and repair your zero point field
  • Strengthens energetic bio-field
  • Buffer EMFs
  • Clears energy blockages
  • Advanced accelerated energetic healing
  • Clear negative energy in Bio-field
  • Infused with over 18000+ scalar energy frequencies with BFIT


How to Choose the Right Iyashi® Scalar Energy Pendant

There is no wrong choice when choosing a pendant because each one has the same full- spectrum energy infused via BFIT. Depending on your current situation in life and your personality traits, a certain crystal’s energy may resonate with you more, or you may just find one crystal’s traits more attractive. Our pendant comparison chart gives a brief overview of the pendants to help you make a selection. With the Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants you can always use multiple pendants at once but make sure to introduce them individually to your energy field. While all crystals can be used for great overall well-being, work on all the chakras, and can be worn with any other pendants the chart below lists the areas they are strongest in.


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Comparison Chart of Crystal Pendants

Technology Behind Iyashi Crystal Pendants

What Is Scalar Energy?

Types of Iyashi Crystal Pendants (descriptions)

How to Use Iyashi Crystal Pendants

How to Clean/ Cleanse Crystals

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Product Details

Material: Natural Crystals

Infusion: Full Spectrum via BFIT, 18000+ energy patters.

Energy Technologies: BFIT, crystal energy, scalar energy.

Color: Varies per crystal

Included: Your choice of Iyashi Scalar Energy Crystal Pendant on basic chain.

Maintenance: Yes must be cleansed periodically

Other: Feel free to put your pendant on any other type of chain or necklace.


Main Traits

Main traits are the main keywords used to describe the natural intrinsic energy of the crystal. Each crystal might have a wider spectrum of energy but these main traits help you differentiate their features.


The chakra or chakras listed are the primary and secondary chakras the crystals are most compatible with. These are the main chakras that correspond with the strongest energy the crystal has but they can be used on other chakras.

Best Compatible Pendants

The best compatible crystals are the other crystals they work with synergistically. These are the crystals that amplify each other to receive maximum benefits. You can use any combination of crystals together but should first use them separately to get used to their individual energy before using them together. The best compatible crystals can immediately be used together.


Zodiac symbols can give you insight into your personality and traits. Each of the crystal’s properties are slightly more compatible with certain personality types. Seeing the zodiac compatibility can help give you some guidance as to what crystal may be a good choice.

Comparison Chart of Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants

click crystals name to view descriptions

Main Traits


Best Compatible Crystals


Poppy Jasper


Grounding, memory, animals Root, Sacral Tigers Eye, other jaspers Aries, Scorpio

Kiwi Jasper


Nurturing, Healers Root, Sacral Tigers Eye, other jaspers Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius

Red Jasper


Nurturing, Justice, Passion, Grounding Root Tigers Eye, other Jaspers Aries, Scorpio

Green Aventurine


Luck, Success, Wealth, Prosperity Heart Moss Agate, Shieldite Virgo, Taurus



Meditation Physic abilities, lucid dreams Third Eye, Crown Quartz, Howlite, Dumortierite Pisces Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

Rose Quartz


Love, happiness, calmness Heart, Thymus, Throat Rhodonite Libra, Taurus

Tiger Eye


Protection, Determination, confidence, Solar Plexus Malachite, all Jaspers Gemini, Capricorn



Self Love, Emotional balance, Confidence Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Rose Quartz, Taurus



Clarity, focus, intelligence Third Eye, Crown Lapis lazuli Capricorn, Pisces



Patience, guidance, transformation, psychic gifts Third eye, Throat Amethyst Leo



Calm, awareness, peace Crown Amethyst Gemini, Virgo

Lapis Lazuli


Truth, wisdom, knowledge, clarity, communication Throat, Third eye Fluorite Libra, Sagittarius



Amplifier of energy, emotional cleanser, absorbs negative energy, protection Heart, Throat Tigers eye Capricorn, Scorpio



Amplify energy, High Vibration, general well being All All All



Strength, positivity, stimulation, reflects negative energy. Sacral, Root, solar plexus   Sagittarius

Moss Agate


Abundance, Growth, Nature Heart, Crown Tigers Eye, Green Aventurine Virgo


Technology Behind The Iyashi Crystal Pendants

Natural Energy in Crystals

We use a variety of different crystals in our new series of Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants. Each of these crystals has their own unique subtle energy based on the composition of the crystal. Most crystals are “quartz” based but vary depending on the combinations of different elements and minerals that are present. Crystals have been used for thousands of years as subtle energy tools due to their innate properties. Each crystal carries its own select set of vibrational frequencies, this is the natural scalar energy found in the crystal. When we infuse the crystals with our full spectrum of frequencies there is overlapping in the infused frequencies and the natural vibrational frequencies found in the crystal. Our full spectrum infusion is based on natural frequencies to being with, so naturally it will contain some of the same vibrational frequencies originally found in the crystals.

The full spectrum infusion process helps amplify the already existing energies making them more dominant. This leaves the crystal still retaining is natural healing properties but also having the benefits of the underling full spectrum infusion process. You now have the choice of a unique Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant while still receiving the benefits of the full spectrum infusion.

iyashi ceramic technology

What is Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology?

Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology, BFIT for short, is a method in which we infuse subtle energy patterns (This is the Scalar Energy also known as vibrational frequencies) into the pendant. A vibrational frequency is similar to the energy that comes from a crystal. What BFIT does is infuse over 18000+ benefits frequencies into the pendant making it more powerful the just a single crystal alone.

Everything and everyone carries a vibrational frequency and when we are not feeling well our vibrational frequency lowers, when we introduce the correct frequency to the body's biofield it will raise up to the correct level which allows the body bio-field to naturally align itself. This is how the Iyashi Pendant works as it carries over 18000+ beneficial frequencies that fully cover all aspects of the bio-field rather than just a small spectrum of healing frequencies.

Infused in Individual Batches
iyashi pendant vibrascan tested
BFIT Infusioin
iyashi pendant vibrascan tested


What is Scalar Energy?

The vibrational frequencies are essentially the type of scalar energy infused in the pendants. Scalar energy refers to any frequency of energy which is carried through scalar waves. Our BFIT imprints these 18000+ frequencies on the scalar energy level. Scalar energy emits a field of its frequency that will fill the surrounding environment. When it passes through solid objects like yourself you pick up on that energy. When your bio-field picks up this energy it raises it to the correct vibrational frequency realigning it. Since the scalar energy infused is a vibration it lasts forever and never depletes.

It is important that the correct scalar energy patterns are infused in the pendant. This is what makes the Iyashi Pendants so unique is they are the only ones to carry a full spectrum of these vibrational frequencies. Since scalar energy falls under the principles of quantum physics hence we can hold thousands of different vibrational frequencies simultaneously.

To understand what scalar energy encompasses it can in a simplistic view be seen as:

Scalar Energy = Subtle Energy = Vibrational Frequencies

Vibration Frequencies can be measured in Hetz (Hz). You may be familiar with the Shuman Resonance which is 7.83Hz. This is just one scalar energy frequency that can be carried. With our Full Spectrum Infusion we carry a complete range of these frequencies in all the different intervals as each individual frequency as a specific impact on a certain area in our bio-field.


Types of Iyashi Scalar Energy Crystal Pendants

There are 16 different Iyashi Scalar Energy Crystal Pendants. You can either scroll down the page to read through them all or click on any of the crystal names below to jump to that Iyashi Scalar Energy Crystal Pendants description.

Red Jasper - Poppy Jasper - Kiwi Jasper - Amethyst - Green Aventurine - Dumortierite - Gold Stone - Howlite - Lapis Lazuli - Malachite - Moss Agate - Purple Fluorite - Quartz - Rhodonite - Rose Quartz - Tigers Eye



jasper crystal pendantWhile there are many types of jasper, all of which have unique properties, they are all still stones that carry certain similar traits. Jasper is known as the “Nurturing Stone” because it promotes a gentle, comforting, relaxing energy to bring one into a peaceful state. This type of energy brings balance to the yin and yang energies. Overall, it is a very grounding stone and promotes calmer energy around difficult situations. Jasper is all about relaxation and calmness; it helps when dealing with emotional traumas or disturbances.  It can bring a more peaceful end , whether it be in relationships, grief, or disagreements.

Jasper is a stone that can be used to align all the chakras, but different varieties of jasper  have stronger relationships to specific chakras. This relationship is lightly linked to the correlation in color: for example, Red jasper is good for aligning your root chakra which is represented by the color red.  Additionally, jasper is commonly used to assist with astral projection (astral travel),which is commonly known as an “out of body experience.”

Red Jasper

jasper crystal pendant 4 jasper crystal pendant 3 jasper crystal pendant 2 jasper crystal pendant 1 Red jasper has been referred to as the stone of justice, fairness, and endurance. It is known for “controlled” passion which helps you guide and control your own passions. It stimulates your chi and is strongly correlated to the root chakra and the second chakra. The root chakra is the most grounding chakra and, as mentioned previously, Jasper itself is a very grounding stone, which makes it a good stone to help keep yourself centered so as to enhance your decisions and responsibilities. Meditating with the stone can help you gain insight to resolve unfair situations. With its strong grounding connection, it is a good stone to aid in EMF protection. It is the stone that can help stimulate and activate your kundalini.


Poppy Jasper (aka Brecciated Jasper )

poppy jasper crystal pendant 4 poppy jasper crystal pendant 3 poppy jasper crystal pendant 2 poppy jasper crystal pendant 1 Poppy jasper,  also referred to as brecciated jasper, is a type of jasper that contains hematite. Hematite, like jasper, is a very grounding stone making it a good choice if you are looking to bring more tranquility and wholeness into your life.  Like red jasper, it works the best on the root chakra and second chakra. It is a stone that encourages empathy and positive communication with animals, making it a good choice for anyone with pets. Some refer to poppy jasper as the “stone of remembrance” as it helps bring mental clarity and focus along with enhancing your organizational skills.  Similar to red jasper, poppy jasper also can help activate your kundalini but provides more stability to this energy.


Kiwi Jasper

poppy jasper crystal pendant 4 poppy jasper crystal pendant 3 poppy jasper crystal pendant 2 poppy jasper crystal pendant 1 Kiwi jasper, commonly referred to as sesame jasper, is a nurturing stone. Its energy is very vibrant and stimulating, in spite of its soft look.  Kiwi jasper is a good stone for healers who work on others. Additionally, it can be used by people who are counsellors or therapists. It is most effective when used to nurture others but can also be used by people who have addictive or compulsive behaviors. It is a great stone to help gather up strength when undergoing emotional battles because it’s a stone that stands for justice and fair play, coming from a place of power. It’s a great stone for harmonizing your entire aura and is equally effective working on all chakras. Kiwi jasper is one of the stones that helps balance the overall yin and yang energy.



amethyst crystal pendant 4 amethyst crystal pendant 3 amethyst crystal pendant 2 amethyst crystal pendant 1

Amethyst has one of the highest vibrations of all the crystals, making it one of the best stones for meditation. When meditating with amethyst, it should be held in your left hand for the best results. It’s an excellent all-purpose stone in the realm of spirituality, intuition, and physical abilities. Its high vibrational frequency connects the earth’s plane of existence with higher planes of consciousness. It can be used to open channels to clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, past life regression, and even communication with angels. With amethyst carrying a high vibrational frequency, it is particularly effective at stimulating the third eye and crown chakras which can be used to connect to these higher planes of consciousness.

Amethyst is the ideal crystal to use for lucid dreams. Many people use lucid dreaming as a way to find clarity for problems they are encountering in life. Amethyst makes lucid dreaming easier to achieve by simply placing the amethyst pendant under your pillow when you go to bed. It is recommended to meditate with the amethyst pendant before lucid dreaming.

As amethyst is a variety of quartz, it does possess many similar energetic properties. This gives it a gentle energy that promotes a happy, contented, peaceful state. Amethyst, like quartz, can provide emotional stability and inner strength in your life.



GREEN AVENTURINE crystal pendant 4 GREEN AVENTURINE crystal pendant 3 GREEN AVENTURINE crystal pendant 2 GREEN AVENTURINE crystal pendant 1

Green aventurine is the stone of luck and prosperity; it is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals! Its energy can help bring abundance, success, and opportunity into your life. Its energy provides alignment in and around you. This can help you release bad habits and old stale patterns, allowing new growth to take place. It can help unlock your creativity, imagination, intellect, and mental clarity. Green aventurine is a crystal to boost your success in any situation. It works hand in hand with the “law of attraction” as the energy allows you to manifest what you desire in life which brings you success and happiness.

Green Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and can be used to activate the heart chakra as an emotional calmer, or just to provide general well-being. It’s used to bring/attract love and friendship into ones life. It supports the heart in the emotional sense by “soothing emotional wounds”. It helps break up the energy of unhealthy relationship patterns and provides new, positive growth.

Green aventurine is one crystal that everyone can use in their life. By clearing negative energy and providing alignment, it supports your personal development and gives a nice overall feeling of well-being.



DUMORTIERITE  crystal pendant 4 DUMORTIERITE  crystal pendant 3 DUMORTIERITE  crystal pendant 2 DUMORTIERITE  crystal pendant 1

Dumortierite is the crystal of order, patience, and understanding. It can provide guidance when faced with difficult decisions, allowing you to examine what is at hand and lead you make the right choice.  Dumortierite is a crystal that can help with growth and transformation by breaking current patterns or belief systems that no longer serve a positive purpose. It allows you to cut off connections with worn-out, negative thoughts or pathologies that are holding you back from taking your true path. This can involve releasing previous fears which allow you to take new paths forward that you previously were not able to take. Its energy helps enhance organizational skills, and improve self-discipline which brings clarity to a scattered mind. A clear mind brings deep serenity and inner peace. Dumortierite is also for someone with a creative mind as the organization and order it creates brings new energy, leading to a heightened state of expression and creativity.

Dumorierite can be used for activating the third eye chakra, connecting it to the crown chakra, thus allowing you tap into the universe. It is the ideal stone to use for anyone trying to tap into innate psychic gifts they may possess. Whether trying to develop or boost them, dumorierite can help you realize your true potential. It also helps improve intuitiveness, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, visions, channeling, and any other physic abilities. Apart from this, it also stimulates the brain by improving information retention needed when  performing activities like studying.



GOLD STONE crystal pendant 4 GOLD STONE crystal pendant 3 GOLD STONE crystal pendant 2 GOLD STONE crystal pendant 1

Goldstone is the stone of strength, courage, ambition, and positivity. It is a man-made stone considered an aventurine glass with copper flakes in it. Aventurine glass is typically made from melting silica made from ground quartz. Although man-made, it does retain the properties of the original materials used to make it. This interesting combination gives it the properties of copper, quartz, and glass. Goldstone is great to use for positive energy and stimulation and it is generally a nice, uplifting stone. Due to its glass properties it can be used as a reflector of negative energies making it a good protection stone. While Goldstone is a mix, it is mainly used to activate the sacral chakra.



HOWLITE crystal pendant 4 HOWLITE crystal pendant 3 HOWLITE crystal pendant 2 HOWLITE crystal pendant 1

Howlite is known for calmness and awareness. This crystal has a very calm energy that can reduce anxiety, stress, and worry. It can help subside rage and negative emotions or thoughts. Howlite will soothe emotions allowing one to slow down an overactive mind.  It can strengthen positive character traits while removing negative ones like selfishness, rudeness, and greed.  It’s a great crystal to allow you to slow down and find peace with yourself while keeping you calm and relaxed. Howlite can promote a restful sleep as well!

Howlite is primarily used to stimulate the crown chakra. Stimulating this chakra can create a heightened sense of awareness allowing you to receive information and guidance in your life from the universe. This can bring awareness to current and past-life issues. Heightened awareness can allow you to see truth for what is by removing the veils that mask truth. Much of the awareness this crystal brings is processed on an unconscious level, leaving your mind free and clear.



LAPIS LAZULI crystal pendant 4 LAPIS LAZULI crystal pendant 3 LAPIS LAZULI crystal pendant 2 LAPIS LAZULI crystal pendant 1

Lapis lazuli is the crystal of truth and wisdom. It has a rich history and has been used by royalty from Egyptian to the Biblical times. It still has a strong use in today’s modern world as well by allowing one to activate their higher intellect, amplifying the power of thoughts and thinking. It is an excellent stone for executives, lawyers, psychologists, journalists, archeologists, and historians. It stimulates the mind to improve problem solving and can help one come up with new ideas. Lapis lazuli stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding. It also is the crystal of friendship, bringing harmony into relationships.

Lapis lazuli can balance the energies in the throat chakra as well as activate the third eye chakra. When you are not honest, the throat chakra becomes clogged. Balancing the energy in the throat chakra improves communication which brings out truthfulness, openness, and clarity. Lapis lazuli lets you become honest with yourself and express your true self verbally and through writing. This improves your ability to communicate your ideas, beliefs, and emotions effectively. Lapis lazuli is a crystal of free truthful expression.



MALACHITE crystal pendant 4 MALACHITE crystal pendant 3 MALACHITE crystal pendant 2 MALACHITE crystal pendant 1

Malachite is a very unique crystal and should be fully understood before using it. It is a transformational stone, emotional cleanser, absorber of negative energy, and a protector. The unique trait of malachite is that it amplifies all energy, both positive and negative. This means it amplifies both your positive and negative emotions and should only be used when in a positive mood. Because of this, it needs to be cleansed after using and should not be worn all the time. It is a crystal to be used in small doses. This ability to amplify energy is positive as it makes it a more powerful stone overall. Malachite can help draw negative energy, including old emotional patterns, past traumas, and suppressed feelings, out of the user. It is dedicated to the heart chakra which reflects its abilities as a deep emotional cleanser.

Malachite is also a stone of protection, carrying similar protection properties as tiger’s eye. It protects the wearing from all types of negative energy by absorbing negative energy and pollutants, which can include drawing out negative emotions, protection from radiation, evil, and clearing electromagnetic pollution. Malachite is often used as a way to overcome fear of flying as it draws out the negative emotions associated with that fear while providing a protective energy. Overall, it is a excellent stone to use as it does provide a harmonizing, gentle protective energy.



MOSS AGATE crystal pendant 4 MOSS AGATE crystal pendant 3 MOSS AGATE crystal pendant 2 MOSS AGATE crystal pendant 1

Moss agate is a stone of abundance and growth. In the past, many used it to bring abundance in agricultural pursuits as it has a strong connection to the earth and nature. Additionally, it can bring abundance and growth in all forms, especially for small business owners or entrepreneurs.  Moss agate’s energy brings strength, confidence, and balance into ones life. The Native Americans used Moss agate as a power stone. It is also a spiritually grounding stone due to its strong connection with the earth.

Moss agate aligns the heart chakra giving one a balanced life. If you are having strong emotional responses to normal situations, its energy can resolve any blockages in your heart chakra and bring you back into harmony. In general, agates are very good at stabilizing aura and eliminating negative energy. Agates tend to have a lower intensity and vibrate at a slower frequency than other stones and crystals. This lower intensity makes it extremely effective at bringing about a stable, balanced life.



PURPLE FLUORITE crystal pendant 4 PURPLE FLUORITE crystal pendant 3 PURPLE FLUORITE crystal pendant 2 PURPLE FLUORITE crystal pendant 1

Purple flourite is the crystal for clearing your mind. It helps clear mental fog, confusion, and conflicting ideas, bringing clarity to situations. It is the ideal crystal to choose if you work around electronics as its frequency helps harmonize the negative energy created allowing you to keep your mind focused, organized, and clear. Flourite can heighten your natural intuition, intelligence, and reasoning skills. It is an ideal crystal to use for people working in fields as analysts, accountants, scientists, engineers, researches, programmers, or designers. Fluorite is also suggested to be used by anyone who works in fast-paced high-pressure areas as they keep the mind calm and productive.

Fluorite is a stone with a high vibration that corresponds to the crown and third eye chakra. Consciousness is located in the third eye chakra which is where we relate to ourselves. It is a powerful stone for manifesting concepts from the mind to the material plane. It can heighten our perception in everyday life as well as open our mind to new ideas in dreams and visions. Fluorite provides a path to your consciousness where you can observe and reflect on it. It is the crystal which helps connect the intellectual mind with your spirit.



QUARTZ crystal pendant 4 QUARTZ crystal pendant 3 QUARTZ crystal pendant 2 QUARTZ crystal pendant 1

Clear quartz is referred to as the master healing crystal and is the base of a large variety of other crystals. It is the most common crystal in the world but has amazing properties in its simplicity. It is mainly an amplifier of energy that provides all around general well-being to whoever is wearing it. Quartz is a crystal that can amplify the effects of other crystals as well as any energy it has been infused or programmed with. This applies to infusion processes like BFIT or simply programming the crystal with your intentions and positive affirmations.

Due to its high vibration, quartz resonates most with the crown chakra but is probably the best crystal to work with to align and clear all the charkas. Quartz is clear and colorless with prismatic abilities to vibrate at all the color frequencies which makes it so versatile. Quartz is overall a great crystal for harmonizing negative energy and bringing in calm, clear, clean energy.



RHODONITE crystal pendant 4 RHODONITE crystal pendant 3 RHODONITE crystal pendant 2 RHODONITE crystal pendant 1

Rhodonite is an emotional balancer which helps you heal emotional wounds, find self-love, and promote your own inner growth. This stone is very calming, helping ease anger, stress, and anxiety thereby balancing out ones emotions. It is often used for healing emotional trauma from the past. Rhodonite is also a stone of personal development boosting self-esteem and self-confidence, helping uncover innate talents. It is a stone for one seeking to find inner peace. It can help you accept and forgive others with unconditional love. This is beneficial for bringing peace to troubled relationships.

Rhodonite, like other pink stones and crystals, can be used to open up and support the heart chakra. It is the stone of love, but unlike other crystals for love, it is more about self-love which makes it an excellent emotional healer.



ROSE QUARTZ crystal pendant 4 ROSE QUARTZ crystal pendant 3 ROSE QUARTZ crystal pendant 2 ROSE QUARTZ crystal pendant 1

Rose quartz is the stone of love and its energy promotes happiness, sensuality, romantic feelings, and love. It is a crystal that can be used to help heal personal relationships whether they be romantic, platonic, familial or self-love. Rose quartz is the best crystal for opening the heart chakra. It not only activates your heart chakra but links with the heart of the earth and the universe. It’s best utilized when worn over the heart to help open the heart chakra while also resonating into your whole aura. It not only creates a soothing energy around you but the vibrations resonate throughout the surrounding area  which can help dissolve anger or resentment.

Rose quartz carries a lot of the same energetic properties as all quartz. Quartz is known as an energy amplifier and resonates at a high vibration. Using rose quartz to open the heart chakra can also work to stimulate higher chakras, such as the thymus chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra, bringing their vibrations in line with the heart. Rose quartz creates a very soothing, calm energy which is effective in dissolving negative energy and emotions.



TIGERS EYE crystal pendant 4 TIGERS EYE crystal pendant 3 TIGERS EYE crystal pendant 2 TIGERS EYE crystal pendant 1

Tiger’s eye is the stone of protection, with strong energy supporting self-confidence, willpower, and determination. It is a very grounding stone; its energy supports personal stability and clarity. Tiger’s eye protects you from any negative energy or ill-will projected towards you. As the stone of protection, it is ideal for wearing during travel. Wearing the stone can improve your decisions by bringing clarity and confidence, thus allowing you to move forward and accomplish your desired goals. It is a stone that can be used to help unlock and recognize your own talents and abilities.

Tiger’s eye is the stone of abundance, allowing you to manifest your desires into the world.  Traditionally it’s known for bringing good luck and wealth into your life but can be used for much more. Tigers eye is used to unlock your solar plexus chakra but due to its strong grounding effect, it can be used on the base chakra to help you become calmer and more centered. Additionally it can be used as a stone for kundalini stimulation similar to any other grounding stones.


How to Use Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants

  • Using the Iyashi Pendant is very simple, with the most basic way being wearing it around your neck.
  • Place the Iyashi Pendants on specific spots such as acupuncture points, energy meridians, chakra centers or any other area energy centers around the body.
  • Use The Iyashi Pendant while meditating. You can hold it in your hand or wear it.
  • Energize water, food, and supplements by waving the Iyashi Pendant over them. This brings new life back into them and is reenergizes it making it last longer, taste fresher and have more vital energy.
  • The Iyashi Pendant can be used on your pets to. Simply placing the pendant where pets rest or in their living environment will expose them to its energy and they will receive similar benefits as you. If you have a dog or cat you can even place the pendant or their collar to keep the pendant on them 24/7


How to Clean / Cleanse Crystals

Cleansing crystals is very important as they pick up your energy and surrounding energy overtime. This energy can be negative or just old stagnant energy. Either way it is important to clear this energy to improve its performance making it feel new again. Below are various methods you can use to cleanse your crystals.

cleanse crystal with tap waterQuick Cleanse Method

Hold your crystal under running water from your kitchen sink for up to 30 seconds. This physically cleans them and strips any loose stagnant energy. (This is just a quick cleanse method, you should still follow some of the other cleansing methods)


Full Cleansing Process

how to cleanse crystals1. Get a bowl made of wood, crystal, ceramic, copper, silver or any natural material ( do not use artificial man made material like plastic ). Put the crystal in the bowl and add water until the crystal is submerged. You can additionally add sea salt to improve the cleansing effects. Do not add sea salt with malachite or howlite as both these crystals are very soft and the sea salt can wear away the surface.

2. Put the bowl, with the crystal and water still inside it, outside in a safe place where it can get some sun. Leave the bowl outside for 24 hours or longer.

3. After take the crystal inside, rinse it off using the Quick Cleanse method and then dry off the crystal.


Alternative cleansing methods

how to cleanse crystals1. Earthing or Grounding - You can discharge negative energy from your crystal by either earthing or grounding it. This is the same method when grounding Shieldite so for the full details please read about earthing or grounding guide under our Shieldite section and use one of those methods. Earthing or grounding is a good method to use when the crystal has been around a lot of negative energy. It is recommended to at least use this method for 24 hours but some recommend keeping it grounded for up to 2 weeks if it has been around a lot of negative energy. You should follow the normal full cleansing process after using this method.

2. Ocean Water – Use the same method as the quick cleansing method but in the ocean. You can leave the stone for longer if you wish.

how to cleanse crystals3. Sun – Leave the crystal out in the sun for the day. Just be aware that this can fade the color of some crystals.

4. Smudging – This technique was used by the Native Americans and involves using the smoke of sacred herbs to cleanse and purify the crystal. Sage, sweet grass and copal are the 3 most common herbs used for smudging. Simply burn one of these herbs or incense sticks and hold the crystal in the smoke created in this smoke for around 30 seconds.


How Often Should I Cleanse My Crystal Pendant?

You should use the full cleanse method at least every 6 months. You can never cleanse a crystal too much so feel free to use any of the methods as often as you like.

Should I Cleanse My Crystal Pendant When I First Receive It?

Yes you should perform the quick cleanse method when you first receive your pendant before using it.


100% Guarantee

100% guarantee logo

All Iyashi Products come with a 100% guarantee. What this guarantee covers is;

  • 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason. Just return the product and we will issue you a full product refund. No questions asked.
  • One week replacement period. If your product arrives damaged because of shipping or arrives defective we will replace it free of charge.*
  • In the rare chance your order is lost during shipping we will replace it free of charge.*



  • If you have any other problems that do not fall under this guarantee please contact us and we will do what we can to remedy the situation.
  • We provide full e-mail and phone support for any issues you may have. All emails and missed phone calls will be responded to by an IIT tech & sales rep within 48 hours. 
  • *For more details on our Return Policy or Shipping policies please click here to view them


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all the pendants have B.F.I.T.?
A: Yes, every pendant is infused with a full spectrum of beneficial vibrational frequencies using our proprietary BioMetric Frequency Infusion Technology.

Q: What Is The Difference Between The Pendants?
A: Each Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendant has its own unique energy signature based on the crystal it is made of. Read up about the different crystals and choose the one you are most interested in.

Q: Do The Iyashi Pendants Protect From EMFs?
A: Yes, the Iyashi Pendants are an energy harmonizer so can strengthen your energetic systems against EMFs. They are not as effective as Shieldite but are a great additional form of EMF protection. Learn about the different levels of EMF protection HERE

Q: What makes the Iyashi Pendant different than the Iyashi Wand or Bracelet?
A: Both are infused with the same full spectrum of vibrational frequencies but the Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants vary more depending on the type of crystal they are made of. Each different crystal has its own unique traits which are dominant in the Iyashi Pendant. Also the Iyashi Scalar Energy Pendants are designed to be used passively, worn around the neck, while the wand is best used and activated through different techniques.

Q: How long will the Iyashi pendant take to work?
A: Some people may notice results instantly, while some may take hours or days before they notice the effects the pendant is having on them. This is because everyone’s condition is different and the Iyashi pendants work on a person’s entire bio-field balancing it.  If your energy is really blocked it may take a while to work.  Patience is required to give the pendant enough time to break up enough of the blockages for you to feel better.

Q: I can’t feel anything when I hold the pendant. Is it faulty?
A: No, the pendant is not faulty. Every pendant is tested and certified to work before it leaves our testing facility. As the pendants are more passive we recommend you wear them for at least a week to see the changes in your life. Subtle energy isn’t always something you notice as it can gradually take effect over time but what can be noticeable is when you remove it from your energy field.

Q: How do the Iyashi Pendants work?
A: The Iyashi Pendants work by changing the frequencies in your energy field from those that can be dysfunctional to more functional frequencies. The vortex created by wearing the pendant facilitates positive change that enhances life and well-being.

Q: How long will my Iyashi Pendant last? Does it have to be recharged?
A: Your Iyashi pendant should last a life time as long as you properly care for it. This includes cleansing it regularly and avoiding leaving it in strong electromagnetic fields for multiple hours on end.

Q: Can I give my Iyashi Pendant to anyone to use.
A: We recommend only you use your Iyashi Pendant. Sharing energetic instruments, especially crystals, is not always a good idea as they take on their users’ energy. If you do, make sure to cleanse the crystal afterwards.


Reviews: 2

 by Anne W
Thank you so much! It was helping me sleep about an extra hour everyday and I've missed that the last few may keep the chain...I have one that's pretty indestructible...again...thanks so guys are wonderful! ...

 by Bibby Y
I love my green adventurine pendant