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IIT Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet - 4 Therapy Titanium Bracelet


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bio energy bracelet therapiesThe IITHealth Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet is a high quality titanium bracelet featuring four beneficial therapeutic inserts: Neodymium magnets, tourmaline, germanium and negative ion inserts. These four inserts provide numerous therapeutic effects to your body when worn helping balance your body’s energetic systems and more


IITHealth Bio Magnetic Bracelet Benefits

These 4 therapies in the IITHealth Bio Magnetic Bracelet work synergistically together with many of them have overall features including:

  • Improving blood flow & microcirculation helping reduce swelling, accelerating recovery, detoxifying the body, eliminating toxic metals, reducing inflammation as well as providing just a general feeling of well-being.
  • Stimulating cell receptors improving the cells overall functions.
  • Reducing positive ions which are the cause of many ailments such as stress, depression, irritability and more.
  • Increase negative ions which reduces positive ions, improves ability to absorb & utilize oxygen, stops cross linking in our cells, generally makes people feel good and much more.  

These effects are subtle but cumulative overtime leading to positive changes. You will notice most of the benefits in the area you wear the bracelet, your wrist, but will also occur throughout the entire body. It is best to wear the IITHealth Bio Magnetic Bracelet throughout the day for the best results. It can be worn on either wrist or, if the size is permitting, over your ankle. For the best results wear the bracelet closest to the area on your body you are trying to affect.


Magnetic Therapy

Magnets have been used has healing tools for thousands of years and their benefits have been widely studied. Magnetic therapy is effective as studies have shown the correct magnetic fields can relax blood vessels leading to increased blood flow & micro circulation. This increased blood flow can help reduce swelling as well as improve your body’s ability to deliver essential nutrients to the area via your circulatory system.



Tourmaline is a widely popular healing crystal due to its unique ability to generate far infrared rays, piezo electric currents and negative ions. Far infrared rays are a non-visible wave length that can penetrate deep into our tissue helping to improve our blood flow and micro circulation. This has similar benefits as magnetic therapy while additionally helping the body detoxify and eliminate toxic metals. The titanium construction of the bracelet also helps reflect far infrared rays directing them towards you so you receive all their benefits.

Our bodies use electric impulses to send signals to all our cell receptors throughout our bodies controlling their functions as well as keeping our heart beating. Tourmaline naturally generates minor piezo electric currents which can help stimulate our cells receptors improving their functions.



Germanium has similar benefits to tourmaline in that it can generate far infrared rays and also acts as a negative ion semiconductor. What makes germanium unique is its high count of 32 electrons in its atomic structure with 4 free electrons in its outermost shell. When germanium reaches 32 degrees Celsius, the average temperature of our skin a weird effect happens called the “positive hole effect” where it attracts positive ions to stabilize itself. This essentially allows germanium to draw out harmful positive ions from our bodies. Once removed from the skin and the temperature drops below 32 degrees these positive ions are released into the air and harmlessly neutralized by the other negative ions the bracelet has generated.

An abundance of positive ions can lead to depression, stress, nausea, insomnia, irritability, migraines and affect certain organ functions negatively such as the thyroid gland!


Negative Ions

Negative ions are generated by a wide variety of different crystals and stones which have all been fused together creating a highly potent negative ion insert. Negative ions are basically free electrons which act as the anti-oxidants of the air. They are able to neutralize harmful positive ions as well as stabilize cells which are missing electrons. When our cells are missing free electrons DNA damage can occur due to cross linking, cross linking is when two atomic structures must share an electron to stabilize themselves due to the missing electron. We can prevent this and the many other aliments by providing our bodies with a surplus of negative ions. For more information on negative ions please read are article “What Are Negative Ions And What Are Their Benefits?”


IITHealth Bio Magnetic Bracelet Product Details

iithealth bio energy bracelets

  • The IITHealth Bio Magnetic Bracelet comes in 3 different colors; silver, black and gold trim.
  • The total length of the bracelet is 7 7/8 inches (20 cm) with a total of 22 links. The bracelet can be easily resizes by using the resizing tool included to fit your wrist.
  • Each link contains two inserts of neodymium magnets, tourmaline, germanium or negative ions: double the amount similar bracelets have. When resizing your bracelet you can create any configuration of the inserts you like.
  • The neodymium magnets have a strength of about 3000 Gauss.
  • The bracelet generates about 1000-2000 negative ions per minute.

What comes with the IITHealth Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet?

  • 1x IITHealth Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet
  • 1x Bracelet resizing tool
  • 1x Bracelet resizing guide
  • 1x Draw string pouch with everything inside




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