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IITHealth Bio Energy Disc (The Best Scalar Energy BioDisc!)


The IITHealth Bio Energy disc is a scalar energy disc embedded with negative ions. It is made of glass to amplify energies which is embedded with a proprietary blend of crystalline minerals that can generate up to 3000 negative ions per minute.

The IITHealth Bio Energy Disc is a powerful tool that works in 3 main ways:

  • Provide abundant negative ions
  • Amplify and concentrate other energies
  • Energize liquids, creams and other similar items.

Its amazing power comes from the negative ions and glass structure which enhances its own energy and additionally can be used to amplify and enhance the energy of other scalar energy devices, crystals and lasers. While it can be used on its own it primarily function is to energize foods, liquids, creams and other scalar and zero point energy devices.


Uses of the IITHealth Bio Energy Disc

The IITHealth Bio Energy Disc has many unique uses on its own or in conjunction with other items to energize them or increase their energy. It is important to understand it is an amplifier of energy and can have different effects depending how you use it. The IITHealth Bio Energy Disc is concaved which helps direct the energy by either pushing or pulling it. Many of the following uses and techniques take advantage of this ability to help direct the energy so it is important to understand the orientation of the IITHealth Bio Energy Disc.

  • On the top of the IITHealth Bio Energy Disc you will find the IIT logo in the center of the disc. When placed flat the most outer edges will be touching the ground. Energy is pushed/ projected outwards from this side.
  • On the bottom of the IITHealth Bio Energy Disc you will find a 7 circle design which is similar to the flower of life. When placed upside down this side of Bio Energy Disc will be visible and the IIT logo will be towards the ground. Energy is pulled in from this side and then projected out the other side. By placing scalar energy items or crystals in this concave their energy will be amplified and projected out the other side.


Using the IITHealth Bio Energy Disc on yourself:

Place the Bio Energy Disc anywhere on your body for targeted relief. It is very effective on chakras, energy meridians, acupressure points and any other major energy centers.

  • Place the Bio Energy on any point, with the logo facing away from the skin, to help unblock energy centers, draw out negative energies and even help draw out inflammation in the area.
  • Turn the Bio Energy Disc upside down, with the logo towards the skin, to strengthen the energy of chakras or other energy centers.


Energizing liquids & creams with the IITHealth Bio Energy Disc:

biodisc energize waterPlace a cup, bottle or container of any liquid or cream on the top of the Bio Energy Disc, with the logo facing up. Leave them on the Bio Energy Disc for at least 1-3 minutes to energize the liquids and/ or creams. This works best when you use a glass container or bottle compared to plastic.

  • Energize water, juices or any other type of liquid before you drink them to increase their vibrational energy and improve the taste.
  • Place bottles of creams on the Bio Energy Disc to energize the entire bottle increasing the creams vibrational energy, negative ion count (increase anti-oxidant capabilities) and improve the creams permeability.
  • biodisc apply creamOr apply the cream to the top of the Bio Energy Disc and use the disc to apply the cream to help infuse additional negative ions in the cream & your skin.



Re-energize old crystals, scalar pendants or other scalar energy devices:

Many crystals and scalar energy devices take on old stagnant or negative energy after being used for a long time. First follow the crystal cleansing method to release the majority of these stagnant and negative energies. Afterwards place them on the Bio Energy Disc for 24 hours to re-energize them.

  • Place the Bio Energy Disc on a flat surface with the logo facing up and then place the desired crystal or scalar energy device on top for 24 hours. After 24 hours the energy of that item will have strengthened.
  • For particularly old crystals or scalar energy devices first place the Bio Energy Disc upside down, with the logo facing down, on the ground or a grounded surface. Grounded surfaces include the grass, dirt, stainless steel appliances or grounding pad (you can make a simple grounding pad with our grounding plug). After place the desired item on top of the Bio Energy Disc for 24 hours to draw out and remove and remaining stagnant energies. Follow this up by re-energizing the item by flipping the disc over placing it on the disc for an additional 24 hours.

Click Here to view the article on Crystal Cleansing.


Keep fruits and/ or Vegetables fresher:

biodisc used on foodPlace the Bio Energy Disc on or near fruits or vegetables to keep them fresher longer. You can also put the Bio Energy Disc in your fridge such as in your vegetable crisper. This will creates an abundance of negative ions which will help prevent spoilage making your fruits and vegetables last longer. The negative ions neutralize positive ions which helps slow down the oxidation process which is the cause of food spoiling. This will also increase their vibrational energy improving the taste and overall benefits of your fruits and vegetables.


Amplify the energy of other scalar energy devices, crystals or lasers

bio disc with crystalUse the Bio Energy Disc to amplify and increase the energy of scalar energy devices, crystals and/or lasers by placing them in the concave of the bio energy disc. This will amplify and direct the energy of those items through the Bio Energy Disc.

  • Place the Bio energy disc upside down, with the logo facing down, and place a crystal or other scalar energy item on top. This will fill the surrounding area with that items energy, this technique works best with natural crystals.
  • Direct the energy of a crystal, scalar energy device or laser to target areas on your body by placing that item in the concave of the Bio Energy Disc and then follow the same technique when using the Bio Energy Disc on yourself. This works in a similar way when using the Bio Energy Disc on yourself but lets you target more specific types of energy to certain energy centers. This technique is especially good to target specific chakras with matching crystals!


Protect and strengthen existing scalar energy products:

bio disc energizing crystalAll scalar energy products can eventually start to take on some negative energies or lose their positive energies due to exposure to EMFs, negative emotions from others or other negative energies in general. Use the Bio Energy Disc to prevent this from happening by keeping those scalar energy products on the Bio Energy Disc when you are not using them. The negative ions help buffer and neutralize negative energies such as positive ions, EMF’s and various other types of negative energy. The Bio Energy Disc also helps amplify that items own energy throughout the surrounding area. Use this technique with the Bio Energy Disc under or beside your bed when sleeping so you can protect you scalar energy devices when sleeping while also enjoying their energy around you as you sleep.


Protect yourself from EMF’s & positive ions:

EMF’s / EMR’s (electromagnetic radiation) create an abundance of positive ions in the surrounding area. Neutralize these dangerous positive ions by keeping the Bio Energy Disc near you when near electronics, such as when you are on the computer. The negative ions produced by the Bio Energy Disc will neutralize the surrounding positive ions. This will make the area feel more vibrant and can even neutralize allergens in the air.

These are just several examples of how you can use the IITHealth Bio Energy Disc. There are many similar ways you can use it. These techniques may give you additional ideas on how you can use your IITHealth Bio Energy Disc. Like any scalar energy product you should use the IITHealth Bio Energy Disc intuitively and feel what works best for you.


Care and Use

The IITHealth Bio Energy Disc is made of glass and should be handled with care to avoid breakage.

  • Do not place in hot water /liquids. Exposing the Bio Energy Disc to high heats may cause it to break
  • Do not place inside your freeze or freezer compartment of your fridge. This extreme temperature change can cause your Bio Energy Disc to crack.
  • Do not drop the Bio Energy Disc on the ground or any hard surfaces to avoid breakage


To clean the IITHealth Bio Energy disc hand wash with light soapy water and then hand dry.

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