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EMpowerplus Q96


Empowerplus Q96 is a breakthrough micronutrient supplement for optimal mood stability and brain function. Q96 delivers a perfect balance of 36 vitamins, minerals and amino acids to the brain to boost mood stability, cognition, and overall brain health. A proprietary 96 hour microionization and nano-chelation process is used to increase the effectiveness allowing for maximum nutrient uptake and absorption to the brain. EMPowerplus Q96 is backed by many scientific studies conducted at major universities in four countries and has had research papers published in peer-reviewed journals.

Why Nutrients are Important for the Brain  

Our brain is the key component for running our bodies and requires fuel to run. Our brain actually burns 20% of the calories during our resting metabolic rate. This means a significant portion of our nutrients are used by the brain, many which may be missing in our daily diet. When we provide those micronutrients to the brain we are giving the brain the fuel it needs to run. When the brain has all the correct micro-nutrients our tests have shown Itsu Sync works better and faster. Your brain works hard to correct and balance itself when you are listening to Itsu Sync and this will happen faster when it has the correct micro-nutrients. Just like you feed your muscles for when you exercise it is important to feed your brain when you exercise your brain using Itsu Sync.


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Supports mood stability, improved cognition, and overall brain health
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Contains a well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids specially formulated for the brain and central nervous system
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Unique 96-hour micronization and nano-chelation processes increase bioavailability for maximum nutrient uptake in the brain
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Backed by scientific studies conducted at major universities in four countries, as well as research published in peer-reviewed journals


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25 Clinical studies
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Studies at 15 Universities, including Harvard
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2 Double Blind Placebo Clinical Trials
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Studied by 44 different Researches
EMPowerplus Q96 nutrition facts


Download Clinical Studies for EMPowerplus Q96 :

Efficacy and cost of micronutrient treatment of childhood psychosis

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Read More

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Reviews: 20

 by Kurt Jorgensen
I have been taking this product for a few years now, and I have to say it's better than any other medication I've been on, and it actually works! I was a real skeptic about it, but really it's way more effective than what I was taking. The medicine numbed my mind and changed my personality. I hated ...

 by Emilee
Hello my name is Emilee. I am 31 years old. I have been married for almost 10 years and have three beautiful children. My life for the last 10 years has been anything but pretty. I have suffered from anxiety since childhood. I have always had low self-esteem and wondered why I felt so lonely all of ...

 by CH(COL) John Pettit
My name is CH(COL) John Pettit, I began my military service in the Marines and then served in the Army for 26 years. Combat deployment to Iraq and ten years to war has taken its toll. I’ve been dealing with sleep issues. PTSD, and high blood pressure. A family member with depression and anxiety star...

 by Tammy Matassa
“I have a son with autism. He’s 16. I’ve been dealing with autism for 15 years. He has a regressive form of autism. He wasn’t born with it. Unfortunately, vaccinations hit him hard and at 12 months he lost all his skills and basically went from a normal, happy baby to a child crying in the corne...

 by Vivki
I've had problems with anxiety ever since my son was diagnosed with Cancer. This was very calming & helped me feel healthy again. I would highly recommend it for anxiety issues!!!...

 by Justin M.
I have suffered with depression off and on my whole life. In the last year it's been almost all the time. This has been fabulous! Better than St. Johns wart by far. I have more energy and the sadness is just gone. Totally worth the money for me....

 by Amy Lee
My son and I both recently started taking this. The first thing we both noticed was that we slept better, could get out of bed better, and just felt better. I've also noticed that my fingernails are finally growing stronger. That's how I know I am absorbing it. I only gave it 4 stars because it h...

 by Randy
Really helps my wife from getting the blues and unwanted thoughts. It's a little pricey, but worth it for the results. Great product.......

 by Michael Jefferies
We purchased it for our daughter who has mood issues. We aren't positive it's the reason but she is feeling much better and staying up since starting the supplement. It's looking very positive....

 by Debbie
When I used this product I felt as though I added 5 years on my already 2 year mindfulness practice. I am calm and focused, I have improved on my tennis, I sleep deeper and attain more out of my working day. I ordered this product to help my 11 year old son deal with his anxiety and my 8 year old da...

 by N. Roger Andersen
My wife and daughter are taking this product and both have shown emotional improvement within just a couple of weeks. ...

 by A. T. Gardner
My kid really has a hard time focusing at school, both his teacher and us noticed it, but I didn't want to go the RX route just yet so I heard about this from my sister who was using them. They are hard to swallow so we crush them and place them in a flavor injector with some naked juice and our kid...

 by Sparky (Nickname)
Was aware of an immediate difference with my brain and body: greater clarity in thought; more restful sleep; and more pep. ...

 by Eric
All I can say is that Q96 helps me be a better person, a better father of 5, and a better spouse. Q96 calms me, and prevents me from having rageaholic episodes with the people I love most, members of my immediate family. My wife says that she's ready to leave me because of my yelling rages, but Q96 ...

 by Devon Olsen
It made such an amazing difference. I feel like myself again! The depression and anxiety are gone. So grateful I found this! I can feel the difference within two days....

 by Gail
Helped me get rid of my anxiety and depression. Nothing else helped. Nothing the doctor prescribed. It's a great product....

 by R. Ahlquist
My 10 year old son has ADD and anxiety with a little Asperger's mixed in on the side. His brain needs something! Since putting him on the 'Q' as we call it around here, he reports that he feels happier. It is not a mind shattering change, but Q plays a supporting role in the management of his sympto...

 by Snoopy ( Nickname )
I understand there is much arguing around this product, and more so the concept of using micro nutrients to treat mental illness. I've been taking my micro-nutrients for 6 months now and I'm happy with the results. I got my live the way I need it. I also take amino acids pc and salmon oil as well as...

 by Michelle
EMPowerPlus has saved my families life. Three of my five children have extreme psychiatric problems. They aren't "bipolar" since there has never been any mania. However, their condition makes their lives non-functional. My daughter, 16, has had minor rage problems from the age of 4. Then during pube...

 by Doreen Rhoades
My son takes these after about 3 weeks I have noticed he's calmer and more focused. Pills are ALL NATURAL a plus as my son is 9. Will be buying again....