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Shieldite for EMF Protection

Shieldite® The Best EMF Protection Available

Shieldite is the best device to use when looking for protection from electromagnetic radiation or EMFs. It is the only device that transmutes electromagnetic fields into a harmless state. This renders all surrounding EMFs harmless so they no longer can negatively impact you.

Shieldite is able to stop EMFs in their tracks preventing cellular damage and all the negative affects associated with them. It is the only device which essentially prevents EMFs from affecting you in the first place. Other Scalar Energy products and Negative Ion products can heal your body from the EMF damage but only shieldite stops them providing true EMF protection.


Are You Suffering From Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electromagnetic Radiation is one of the most serious health issues we face today. Anything electronic produces EMFs which are harming out health. Everyone is affected with 35% of the population showing mild symptoms and 3-8% of the population showing hypersensitivity towards EMFs. Mild symptoms from EMFs can include:

    • Unexplained headache
    • General fatigue
    • Insomnia
    • Minor muscle aches and discomfort
    • Fuzzy thinking and poor ability to concentrate.


People who are hypersensitive to EMFs experience these same symptoms but more severely including;

    • Burning sensations on the skin which feel like a mild sunburn
    • Tingling or the sensation of pins and needles on the skin
    • Dry throat and eyes
    • Swelling in the mucus membrane in the throat, nose, ears and sinuses
    • More severe “fuzzy thinking” including poor concentration, loss of memory and dizziness
    • Flu like symptoms that never develop in the flu
    • Headaches that lead to nausea
    • Aches and pains in the muscles, joints, teeth and jaw bone
    • Skin rashes and itchy skin

Symptoms from EMFs can occur to anyone and may eventually affect everyone in the future. EMFs put constant stress on the body and eventually after enough cumulative exposure you can start suffering from the symptoms above. Many people are already suffering from electromagnetic radiation but don’t even realize it is the cause of their symptoms. Learn More about Why You Need EMF Protection.


Why Shieldite® Works

Shieldite is the only device which transmutes EMFs, what this means is changes the frequency of the EMF but does not eliminate it. In our article on Why You Need EMF Protection we explain that not all electromagnetic fields are bad, there are natural ones produced by our body and by the earth that operate at about 7.83Hz also referred to as the Shuman Frequency. This is a non-harmful type of emf that is compatible with our bodies. What shieldite does is converts that harmful EMF frequency to around 7.83Hz which is compatible with our bodies.


How Does Shieldite® Do This?

Shieldite has a unique molecular structure and other properties that allow it to transmute EMFs. Shieldite is primarily made of silicate and crystalline carbon which form in clusters of 60-70 carbon molecules. These form in the shape of a sphere which acts as a capsule. Shieldite also contains a series of other metal based minerals which in this combination make the stone electrically conductive. With its conductivity to electricity Shieldite conducts electrical charge created by the electromagnetic fields. Shieldite then absorbs and stores this “dirty electricity” from the EMFs in its capsules. Shieldite will need to be discharged later through grounding or earthing.

Due to how EMFs work a single piece of shieldite is able to affect the surrounding area. This is similar to how if you put a drop of food coloring in a glass of water it expands out filling the surrounding area. This is what happens to the EMFs when it is near shieldite effectively creating a protective bubble around it. The strongest EMF protection will be directly next to the shieldite stone while the further away you get the EMF protection will gradually get weaker.



Types of Shieldite®

We offer shieldite in several different types to provide EMF protection in different situations and to different degrees. Larger pieces will protect against EMFs in larger areas and have a larger storage capacity before needing to be discharged (grounded or earthed). Small pieces are best for personal use and provide EMF protection in their immediate vicinity but need to be discharged (grounded or earthed) daily. The 3 main types are:

Comparison In Level Of EMF Protection Of Shieldite® Products

Use the following chart to pick the type of shieldite you need based on the protection radius and the EMF Protection Type. The protection radius will tell you what surrounding area will be protected by the shieldite while the EMF protection type tells you which types of EMFs in the next chart below Shieldite will protect you from.


Type of Shieldite   Protection Radius   Protection Types(1-5)   Grounding Frequency   Grounding Time
Circle in A Circle   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   24 hours   15 mins
Oval   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   24 hours   15 mins
Obelisk   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   24 hours   15 mins
Obelisk Drop   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   24 hours   15 mins
Natural Cut   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   24 hours   15 mins
Triangle   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   24 hours   15 mins
Inverted Triangle   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   24 hours   15 mins
Hoop   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   24 hours   15 mins
Cell Button & Rectangle   2-3 feet   1,2,4   12 hours   15 mins
Tumbled Stones   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   48 hours   20 mins
4x4 pyramid   6-8 feet   1,2,3,4,5   48 hours   20 mins
8x8 pyramid   9-11 feet   1,2,3,4,5   72 hours   25 mins
4x4 cube   8-10 feet   1,2,3,4,5   72 hours   25 mins
8x8 cube   11-13 feet   1,2,3,4,5   72 hours   30 mins
Brick   13+ feet   1,2,3,4,5   96 hours   40 mins
Iyashi Bracelets   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   N/A   N/A
Iyashi Pendants   4-6 feet   1,2,3,4   N/A   N/A
Iyashi Wand   2-3 feet   1,2,3   N/A   N/A
Iyashi Bracelet + Shieldite Pendant   13-15 feet   1,2,3,4,5   24 hours   15 mins
Iyashi Pendant + Cell Button   6-8 feet   1,2,3,4,5   12 hours   15 mins


Type 5


Type 4


Type 3


Type 2


Type 1

Microwave ovens






Toaster oven


Electric outlets - not plugged in



Wireless routers


Baby monitors


hand held electric appliances


Battery operated watch

Microwave towers


Electric blankets


Electric clock radios


small battery operated devices



Smart hydro meters


Cell phones


Desktop computers


computer screen


computer mice and keyboards

Electric Water Ionizer


Laptop computers


LCD or LED Tvs







Cordless phone


Electric heaters







Clothes dryers


Hot water tanks





Transmitting smart phone











circuit breakers


Other corded electric appliances







Florescent lights.








If you have high exposure to any of the Type 5 EMFs we recommend you use the large 8x8cm pieces of shieldite or shieldite brick. The shieldite pendants will not provide enough EMF protection and will fill up and need discharging within a few hours of being around these devices.


Shieldite® EMF Protection Pendants

Perfect for personal EMF protection a single Shieldite EMF Protection Pendant protects a larger enough area from EMFs to fully protect 1 person. Alone they will protect you from almost all types of EMFs and are good for the majority of daily activities. Shieldite EMF Protection Pendant come in several different designs but all work equally as well. The minor differences in size and weight do not affect the amount of EMF protection they provide. Shieldite EMF Protection Pendant do need to be discharged (grounded or earthed) once daily for 15 minutes. While a Shieldite EMF Protection Pendant alone will not protect you from the strongest EMFs produced by Wi-Fi, microwave towers, cell phone towers, smart meters and transmitting smart phones combing a Shieldite EMF Protection Pendant with an Iyashi Healing Bracelet or Iyashi Scalar Pendant will provide the protection from electromagnetic radiation you need. While Iyashi Healing Bracelets and Scalar Pendants do not transmute EMFs like Shieldite does they do strengthen and repair the body from EMF damage. This extra EMF protection is enough to keep you safe from even the strongest EMFs.

When it comes down to it Shieldite EMF Protection Pendant are the most cost effective solution to provide electromagnetic radiation protection. You can spend $300 elsewhere for pendants that says they product from electromagnetic fields with specialty circuits and so on but none of them will work as well as a simple Shieldite EMF Protection Pendant.

  • Shieldite EMF Protection Pendants

    Shieldite EMF Protection Pendants

    • For personal protection from all types of electromagnetic radiation and fields.
    • Protect from most EMFs encountered daily
    • Need to be discharged every 24 hours
    • Best when combined with an Iyashi Healing Bracelet or Iyashi Scalar Pendant for full EMF protection

Shieldite® Cell Phone EMF Protectors

Shieldite Cell Phone EMF Protectors are designed to stick directly to your cell phone or cell phone case. They are very small and discreet, but despite their small size they provide strong EMF protection directly around them. They are recommended for all cell phone users as the electromagnetic radiation produced by a cell phone is strongest at the source which is put directly next to your head and brain. By having even a small piece of Shieldite Cell Phone EMF Protectors right there as well it is able to effectively transmute the electromagnetic radiation produced by the cell phone due to its close proximity.

Once attached to your cell phone it cannot be taken off and reattached unless you get more double sided tape. Make sure to place it in a location that makes it easy to discharge (ground or earth). If you use a cell phone case you may want to place it directly on the cell phone case so you can remove the cell phone case when you ground it. Shieldite Cell Phone EMF Protectors need to be discharged (grounded or earthed) every 12 hours.

  • Shieldite Cell Phone Plate EMF Protectors

    Shieldite Cell Phone Plate EMF Protectors

    • Attaches to cell phone
    • Specifically to protect from electromagnetic radiation from cell phones
    • Needs to be discharged every 12 hours
    • For protection from other EMFs consider a Shieldite EMF Protection Pendant as well

Shieldite® Pyramids, Cubes and Other Stones

For more EMF protection shieldite also comes in various pyramid, cubes, bricks and tumbled stones. These pieces are most effective for protecting small to large areas against electromagnetic radiation. When a room is protected from EMFs everyone inside that room is also benefiting from the EMF protection even if they aren’t wearing a Shieldite EMF Protection Pendant themselves. They are also necessary when exposed to Type 5 EMFs such as Wi-Fi, microwave towers, cell phone towers, smart meters and transmitting smart phones. If your home is located close to any of these devices it is crucial that you use the larger shieldite pieces to provide sufficient EMF protection. If your home or work environments are under high EMF exposure a single Shieldite EMF Protection Pendant will not provide enough EMF protection as it will fill up and require discharging after only a few hours. You spend the majority of time at home or work so it is important to have the best EMF protection in these areas.

Small Shieldite® Pieces

In the previous chart you can see the range of area the different types of shieldite pieces protect. Generally the smaller 4x4 pieces, and Shieldite Tumbled EMF Protection Stones, are good in smaller rooms or placed beside you. This is suggested for using on your desk in offices, beside a couch in the living room, or beside/ under your bed. With their larger size they do not need to be grounded as often and will protect against all types of electromagnetic fields and radiation. They are also are more convenient to use as if you keep them grounded with our grounding plug they will constantly be discharging and you will not need to worry about remembering them. This provides simple passive EMF protection.

Large Shieldite® Pieces

The larger 8x8 Shieldite pieces are great because they all give at least a 10+ foot EMF protection radius. This means with strategic location in room 1 piece can effectively protect an entire living space from electromagnetic fields and radiation. These pieces can either be kept grounded all the time so they are constantly discharging or can be placed more near the center of rooms to maximize the EMF protection area as the largest pieces will only need to be grounded every 3-5 days. If you would like to protect your entire living space for yourself and guests these pieces are the way to go. Read the previous chart to get their EMF protection radius and map out the locations in your house you would need to place them to provide full EMF protection.

Which Pieces To Choose?

Deciding which pieces to choose can be tricky. Overall you should choose the pieces that provide the EMF protection you need which designs you also like. While there are only small are large sizes because of the different shapes they are cut into all the in-between sizes are also filled. The shieldite pieces from smallest to largest are as follow

Tumbled Stones or 4x4 pyramid >> 4x4 cube >> 8x8 pyramid >> 8x8 cube >> Brick

The following features also outline some important points about each different shieldite style you should consider.

Tumbled Stones Features:

  • Can be carried in your pocket
  • Can be split out between several people
  • Can be spread around your living space
  • Separated each piece will give protection similar to a pendant.

Pyramid Features:

  • Pyramids are often considered geometrically superior
  • They are a more attractive piece when place around the house
  • Less expensive but contains less shieldite due to the size

Cube Features:

  • Maximizes the amount of Shieldite you receive, they are the heaviest pieces
  • Provides larger protection radius compared to pyramids and tumbled stones

Brick Features:

  • Larger than the Cube and provides the most shieldite
  • Best for very high EMF situations
  • Is not polished like the other pieces


Discharging Shieldite® Through Grounding or Earthing

  • All shieldite needs to be discharged periodically through grounding or earthing it. This only applies to SHIELDITE PRODUCTS and none of the Iyashi Products.
  • There are many free ways to ground or earth your shieldite we cover in our GROUNDING MANUAL, or for convenience we do offer a grounding plug to make the task simple. You can keep shieldite grounded 24/7 using the grounded plug and it will constantly be discharging and working optimally or just ground it when required.
  • If you forget to ground your shieldite it will just temporarily stop working until your ground it again. None of the negative energy absorbed will pass onto you, this is due to a special infusion we do through BFIT.
  • Remember when you first receive your shieldite DISCHARGE IT. It has picked up many EMFs during the shipping process and will need to be grounded or earthed before you start using it.