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Cerra Alkaline Antioxidant Water Pitcher [661799722803]

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I have been using the Cerra water filter for a number of years. It was during the few months that I postponed replacing the filter that I noticed I was having some digestive issues. As soon as I replaced the filter, I noticed a huge difference. I experienced first hand how the Cerra water filter was breaking down the water molecules which enabled the absorption of water into my system that made the difference.

I wouldn't have believed, if it hadn't happen to me, that absorption of water into the body is essential to enable efficient digestion. As a consumer, I assumed that drinking any good quality water was sufficient to aid digestion. But this is not true. It is essential for the molecules of water to be broken down to allow for absorption of the water. I highly recommend Cerra as the best filter to enable absorption of water.

Andrea J Moses
 by Andrea J Moses