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Brainwave Entrainment

Balance and Train Your Brain With Itsu Sync

Itsu Sync is the ultimate brainwave entrainment tool available. It uses binaural beats to help balance and strengthen your brain brining then back into perfect balance. Itsu Sync targets all areas of the brain include your Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma Brainwaves. Itsu Sync is the only all in one solution when it comes to brainwave entrainment.


What Is Itsu Sync For?

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Reduce Anxiety & Depression
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Improve sleep
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Pain Relief for Headaches, Migraines & More
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Increase Energy
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Elevate Mood & Reduce Stress; Become Content & Calm
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Prevent Mental Health disorders and Diseases
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Self-Hypnosis for Affirmations
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Improve Studying, Learning, Concentration, Focus, Memorization, Problem Solving, Intelligence & Active Processing


Itsu Sync comes in either individual CDs, Digital downloads or all 4 CDs bundled with our professional binaural headphones for the most enhanced binaural beat experience.


How Itsu Sync Works

Itsu Sync is based around the science of binaural beats, also known as binaural tones. Binaural beats work through the use of auditory tones that stimulate the brain. Binaural Beats are created by playing one specific tone in one ear and a slightly different tone in the other ear. The difference between these two tones is called the binaural beat.

For example if you play a 210 Hz frequency in your left ear and a 200 Hz frequency in your right ear we create a 10 Hz binaural beat, 210-200 = 10. The 10 Hz frequency is what our brain interprets the sound as. You must use headphones for this effect to be created.
how binaural beats work

Our brainwaves typically fall in between 0-40Hz so playing binaural beats in this frequency range will stimulate the correlating brainwaves. This occurs due to an effect called “frequency follow response”. Frequency follow response is when brainwaves will start to move towards the frequency that is behind produced.


Different Types of Brain Waves: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma

Our brain consists of 5 different types of brain waves; Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma brain waves. Each of these of these brain waves has a normal frequency range in which they operate. The table below gives a brief overview of the primary function of these brain waves.

Frequency range


Usually associated with:

> 40 Hz

Gamma waves

Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, and consciousness

13–39 Hz

Beta waves

Active, busy thinking, active processing , active concentration, arousal, and cognition

7–13 Hz

Alpha waves

Calm relaxed yet alert state

4–7 Hz

Theta waves

Deep meditation /relaxation, REM sleep

< 4 Hz

Delta waves

Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

Itsu Sync is the only complete package that targets all the brainwaves groups individually. Each CD/ Audio Track lets you target a specific area of your brain based on the major brainwave groups.

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    Itsu Sync Delta/ Theta:

    Your delta and theta waves are the brainwaves primarily used for sleep and is why they are grouped together on the same CD. If you experience insomnia, poor REM, restless sleep, migraines or wake up feeling tired in the morning you most likely have overactive delta or theta brainwaves. The Itsu Sync Delta/ Theta CD will balance these brainwaves fixing these problems and more.

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    Itsu Sync Alpha:

    Your Alpha brainwaves are the middle ground of your brain and the area where most problems can occur as they boarder the theta and beta brainwaves. They are the base for your mood, focus, meditation improvement, energy and ability to control your anxiety. The Itsu Sync Alpha CD is the best to start with for balancing your brain for specific issues or just general improvement and well-being.

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    Itsu Sync Beta:

    Your Beta brainwaves are the upper end of your brain and in control of the majority of your higher level processing and concentration but work closely with your alpha brainwaves. They are a key in keeping a good mood and preventing depression, they are also the center for learning, concentration, focus and memorization using the Beta CD will improve all these aspects.

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    Itsu Sync Gamma:

    Gamma brainwaves are the highest level of brainwaves but are not always active and need to be supported by your other brainwaves. To achieve high gamma waves you need to have a strong foundation for your delta, theta, alpha and beta brainwaves but if you do you can really take your brain to the next level. Gamma brainwaves are for the highest levels of mental activity which improves the same areas as your betas but better and also improves your active processing which essentially means your brain will work and think faster.



Fast Track Yourself to Feeling Good

While Itsu Sync carries hundreds of benefits we will highlight some of the best benefits Itsu Sync has to offer.

  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression – Itsu Sync has the ability to bring you into a completely relaxed state. Through targeting and balance your alpha brainwaves stress anxiety and Depression can completely disappear.
  • Improve Meditation – One of the most popular uses of binaural beats, Itsu Sync buts your brain into a meditative state within minutes effortlessly. Those who have tried Itsu Sync almost feel like they are cheating when using Itsu Sync to Meditate as it makes it so easy
  • Increase Energy – Get your higher level brainwaves (beta and gamma) more active. If you feel lethargic all the time and just plain have low energy for no apparent reason Itsu Sync can get you going increasing your energy after one session.
  • Improve Sleep – When the brain is overactive it can be impossible to fall asleep, you want to fall asleep put keep tossing and turning. Boost your delta and theta brain waves to put yourself into a deep restful sleep.
  • Increase intelligence and Study Abilities – You can improve anything from your studying, concentration, focus, memorization problem solving, intelligence and active processing. Just by stimulating your beta and gamma brainwaves all these aspects can improve. Listening to Itsu Sync while studying or working can give you laser like focus for hours on end.
  • Pain Relief for Headaches, Migraines and More – Your brain controls the bodies’ hormones and endorphin release. By balance your theta brainwaves you can bring your hormone and endorphin release back into balance.

While many people use Itsu Sync for a specific reason using Itsu Sync for general maintenance of your brain is a smart choice. This is an easy way to keep your brain sharp and focused and even improves it beyond its current capabilities.


Best Brainwave Entrainment and Best Binaural Beats

Here are the reasons Itsu Sync is the best brainwave entrainment and has the best binaural beats.

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1. Unique Brainwave Technology: Multi-use tracks: each track consists of the full range of frequencies for each section of the brain using our oscillation technology. This makes a single Itsu Sync track work faster and more effectively than any regular binaural beats.

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2.Highest Quality Audio: We only use the highest quality audio files that have not been compressed. We are also the only company to incorporate high quality binaural headphones specifically for listening to binaural beats. When audio tracks are compressed or poor quality headphones are used certain audio pitches are not made resulting in incomplete binaural beats.

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3. Affordable : Each Itsu Sync CD can consist of the equivalent of dozens of other generic binaural beat CDs at unbeatable single CD prices. Our full package is more affordable than others and is the only one to include high quality binaural headphones which can cost hundreds of dollars if purchased separately.

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4.Seamless playback on any device: Itsu Sync CD tracks can be downloaded onto your computer, iPod, iPad, or any other multimedia player while still maintaining high quality audio. This allows you to take Itsu Sync anywhere.

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5.Use Itsu Sync Anywhere: Download Itsu Sync tracks onto your portable music player and take them anywhere. Our High Quality Binaural Headphones also collapse for easy storage and transportation! In seconds you can be listening to Itsu Sync anywhere at any time.

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6. Covers Entire Brain: Itsu Sync uses all the frequencies to balance the entire brain. We are not just for meditation or just for sleep or just for anxiety, Itsu Sync does it all. Our tracks are very clear to define which part of the brain they balance; they don’t hide behind kitschy names that don’t reveal what actual beats they have. With Itsu Sync you get it all the first time.

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7. Full Money Back Guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with Itsu Sync for any reason we will give you a product refund. We know you will love Itsu Sync but this guarantee gives you full confidence with no risk.

Itsu Sync is truly an all in one solution.