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IITHealth "EMF FREE" Headset - Radiation Free Headphones


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The IITHealth “EMF FREE” Headset is a simple way to reduce your brain’s exposure to electromagnetic radiation to your brain by up to 98% when using your cell phone. Whether you are using earbuds, headphones or placing your cellphone next to your ear you are exposing your brain to dangerous EMFs at their strongest point. The IITHealth “EMF FREE” Headset solves this problem by placing the earbuds speakers away from your brain using air-tubes to carry the sound to your ears.

  • Provides crystal clear sound quality
  • Reduces EMF exposure to the brain by up to 98%
  • Built in controller to answer phone calls, change volume, pause & play songs.
  • Uses a standard 3.5mm jack compatible with all major phones including Apple, Samsung HTC, Moto, Sony, Nokia, etc.
  • Comes with 3 different sizes of easy to change ear buds.


Danger of Cell Phone Electro Magnetic Radiation

Cell phones are one of the highest emitters of dangerous electromagnetic radiation (aka EMF’s) which have been linked to causing numerous disease and other health condition. You can learn more about the dangers of EMF’s by reading the following article . Out of all the electronic devices out there cell phones can largely be considered the worst as they expose you to the highest frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum including RF radiation and microwave radiation at extremely high intensities.


How Regular Headsets Differ From Air Tube Headsets

The IITHealth “EMF FREE” headset uses air tubes to remove the electronic components of a regular headset away from your head. The sound emitters are located half way through the cord on the headset which connects to the air tubes which carry the sound to your ears. It is this distance between your head/brain and the sound emitters which greatly reduces the EMF exposure you would normally encounter.
In comparison wired headsets or earbuds require you to stick the electronic components (the sound emitters) directly into or over your ears. While this may seem better then holding a cell phone next to your head it is not. Even though your cell phone is now further away from your head the radiation (RF & microwave radiation) travels through the wire connected to your phone directly to the ear cannel. This is much worse as it can increase the EMF exposure to the brain by 300%. Essentially wired headsets and earbuds act as an antenna for any electromagnetic radiation from your phone directing it to your brain.


Why Air Tube Headsets Work

While ideally it is best to avoid talking on a cell phone as no amount of exposure to this type of electromagnetic radiation is good using the IITHealth “EMF FREE” headset does reduce your exposure by up to 98%. This is accomplished by how electromagnetic fields work and the fact they get exponentially weaker the further you get away. To highlight how significant this drop can be the following table compares the strength of a magnetic field at various distances.

Distance in Inches

















Field Strength in Gauss


















This was tested using a Samarium Cobalt Grade 18 disc magnet which was 1" in diameter and 1/2 " long. A standard magnet was used to provide a consistent measurement as the EMF’s produced by cell phone are very inconsistent with high intensity spikes occurring often during calls. While the test was done with a regular magnet the same governing laws of magnetic fields still apply to electromagnetic fields.
The most important piece of information to take away from this chart is seeing how quickly the magnetic field strength drops the further you move away from it. A relatively small increase in distance will dramatically reduce your EMF exposure which is what the IITHealth “EMF FREE” Headset does for you.


EMF Reduction and EMF Protection

While the IITHealth “EMF FREE” Headset greatly reduces your exposure to the electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone it does not mean your cell phone is safe. It does significantly reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation you are exposed to but you are still being exposed to some radiation. The effects of electromagnetic radiation are also cumulative so even lower doses over time can add up and cause health concerns in the future. This is why it is imperative to use products that can protect you from EMF (such as Shieldite) and products that can repair/reverse any existing damage caused by EMF’s (such as PEMF mats, negative ions & subtle energy products). While it’s impossible to completely avoid EMF’s in the world today we still can certainly still reduce, protect and repair ourselves from them.


How to use the IITHealth “EMF FREE” Headset

  • The IITHealth “EMF FREE” Headset plugs into your cell phones standard 3.5mm audio jack like any other headset. When receiving or making a call it is best to hold your phone is front of you (about 6-12 inches) so you can talk into the speaker. Even moving your cell phone this small distance away from your head will dramatically reduce your EMF exposure.
  • The IITHealth “EMF FREE” Headset can also be used for listening to your music on your cell phone or mp3 player. It has a built in control which allows you to easily adjust the volume, pause/play songs and even change songs.
  • Additionally 3 sets of silicon ear buds are included which can be easily switched for the perfect fit in your ears.

iithealth emf free headset


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this protect me from EMFs?
A: No, it only helps to reduce your EMF exposure when using a cell phone by up to 98%. You are still exposed to some level of EMFs and should also look at our EMF protection products.

Q: How good is the sound quality?
A: The sound quality is quite good and clear. There is a slight reduction in sound quality compared to wired headsets because the sound does have to travel a short distance through the air tubes. If the air tubes are tapped or bumped you will also hear that sound.

Q: Can the air tubes be bent?
A: No, do not bend the air tubes. Bending or creating a “kink” the air tubes can create holes in the tubing or leave in surface inside uneven. This will severely reduce the sound quality.

Q: What cell phones and other devices is it compatible with?
A: It will work for all types of cell phones, mp3 players and any other device that uses a 3.5mm jack. The only cell phone it cannot connect to directly is the iPhone 7 which has no audio jack.
If you have an iPhone 7 there are several adaptors with 3.5mm audio jacks that connect to the phones lightning port.

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