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What Are Scalar Energy Waves?

Everything is made of energy; the forms you are probably familiar with are light, sound, heat, electricity magnetism etc. It was only in the 1800s that a new type of energy, scalar energy, was even theorized.  A scalar energy wave works differently than how typical energy moves. Typically energy moves in a wave like pattern you are probably already familiar with containing an amplitude and frequency, these waves are known as transverse waves and are represented like the image below.



Scalar waves are a longitudinal wave; this makes them more like a field then a wave as they fill the surrounding environment passing through all solid objects. Scalar waves start to get more complex as rather than just modulating in the regular 3 dimensions ( length, width and height) they also modulate in time. What this means is a scalar waves will travel faster than the speed of light. This was proven by Nicola Tesla when in 1904 he transmitted a scalar wave from one side of the earth to the other instantly. Scalar waves fall under quantum physics which is why they are so difficult to understand; in fact we do not fully understand why they work the way they do today.

Using Scalar Energy to Heal

There are a lot of theories of what scalar energy can be used for due to its unique properties, free infinite energy, scalar weapons, mind control, but one thing we can use scalar energy for is a healing device. Scalar energy can be produced in several different ways including electronically, magnetically, physically or optically. Once this scalar energy is produced it can be imprinted onto objects. This is similar to electric waves or electromagnetic waves which can also imprint their signatures; the difference being the scalar energy imprint is hundreds of times stronger. This is why we can use scalar energy to repair damage done by EMFs.

With scalar energy products like the Iyashi Pendants, Wands or Bracelets a scalar energy signature is imprinted onto the device. Once the item is imprinted it theoretically will continue to generate the same scalar energy field indefinitely as scalar energy is self-replicating and repairing. The reason we say “theoretically” is because outside forces such as EMFs will slowly degrade the imprint of the scalar energy due to electrical waves also having imprinting properties. As a scalar energy waves are hundreds of times stronger than electrical waves this will take a very long time to occur and with proper care won’t happen in your lifetime. On the flip side this gives the scalar energy the ability to repair EMF damage to your cells caused by the electrical magnetic waves. While constant exposure to EMFs will slowly damage your cells, exposure to the correct scalar energy can repair this damage in just a fraction of the time.

Not all scalar energy is the same just like not all magnetic fields or electromagnetic fields are the same. You are probably familiar that electronics in North America are typically are 120 volts and 60Hz while in Europe they are typically 230 volts and 50Hz. In contrast the earth’s magnetic field is between 7.8-8Hz which is referred to as the Shuman Resonance. These are all types of magnetic fields with different frequencies. Scalar energy is similar as it can also carry different frequencies and due to its unique properties can carry multiple frequencies simultaneously. For example Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology imprints a full spectrum, over 18000, frequencies using scalar energy the Shuman Resonance being part of them at 7.8-8Hz.


Benefits of Using Scalar Energy Waves

What are the benefits of using scalar energy products is the real question you should be asking. The answer is there are a lot of benefits, all which can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. Using scalar energy products can:

  • Repair cellular damage caused by electromagnetic fields which are produced by typical electronics running at 50-60 Hz and others.
  • Increase the energy level of cells bringing them into their ideal range of 70-90 millivolts.
    • Strengthening cells creates stronger molecular bonds protecting your DNA from damage.
    •  Cells with increased energy levels have the ability to intake nutrients and eliminate waste. This allows your body to more readily absorb nutrients you are providing it with while also improving their detox abilities,
    • When your cells are energized you will feel more energized as well.
    • Stronger cells allow your immune system to function better.
    • Help raise your brainwave frequencies allowing for better mental focus.


When we strengthen the body’s cells by raising their energy level our entire body simply functions better. This is why using scalar energy products improve and enhance our natural healing process. We are not treating or curing diseases but simply stimulating and raising the cells energy levels to enhance and optimize the body’s natural healing abilities. We are built with all the tools to stay healthy and energetic, scalar energy can simply allow the body to take advantage of this.